Understanding Literature

Therefore, one perceives that in this first questioning we got resulted sufficiently positive, since even so some have cited brief answers, however clear and objective, standing out important functions of literature. Questioning 2. How you work literature in the classroom? > Informing citizens Commentaries Informer Transmitting information on the diverse styles of times. See more detailed opinions by reading what Delaware Department of Labor offers on the topic.. Informing B Understanding the literary time where the author lived later analyzing the life and the workmanships of each author. Informer C Search to take the child to think, to use its imagination to create histories, taking it its psychic development. Informer D The contao of histories works, leading the child to develop its imagination and making with that the same one reflects on the moral of history.

SOURCE: Research of field (given pertaining to school). Questioning two is related to the methodology used for the professor when working literature in classroom. Thus the professors of basic education II and average education, that is, the informers and the B, work literature analyzing the styles of times, as well as the authors and its respective workmanships. We perceive, then, the concern of the professors in working the literary texts taking in consideration its aesthetic organization, instead of if coming back toward a critical analysis of the same, that is, for the understanding of the literary text, what in it really provides knowledge to them. Valley to stand out the words of Bunzen (2006, p.91). To teach literature is not only to elencar a series of texts or authors and to classify them in one definitive period, but yes to disclose to the pupil the atemporal character, as well as the symbolic and social function of the literary composition. Thus when working literature, the professor must guide the pupils for the ideological function, as well as working the criticidade of the learning, developing a reading of what it is in the space between lineses, that is, atrelada critical reading to the social transformation.