Trouble In Traveling

1. 'I've been working in this business a long time, I do not need to prepare. " Even with vast experience in the tourist business, do not forget that customers are different, that they also want different and that each time is worth a closer look at the situation, and not tell clearly memorized text. 2. "I have a lot of different proposals, and all such interesting and it all needs to be told! It is desirable in one breath.

" When you communicate with the client before the dump on him a wealth of information about your proposals ask what he wants to do? And do not dwell on the phrase "I want to rest on the sea." Find out what the customer wants, ask what he prefers to rest? Knowing the interests of the client you will be able to offer that is interested in it. This saves the client's time. And the time – a very important factor. If you are interested in and can quickly tell you about those options that you offer you will appreciate and will apply to you. But the variety options to describe, in cases when a person likes to choose or option does not he alone. 3. 'To give just the most appropriate option' Choice – the choice to give and to restrict, or otherwise being aware of customer preferences and knowing that most likely he will choose option "A" tell him about the version of the "B" – that some of the course chosen and, of course there a number of disadvantages (the grass is not so green). Then the customer has more confidence that you are proposing is exactly what suit him, that is, working with him personally. 4. 'The main price, it determines the quality of' Another error is usually characteristic of people who know well the pros and cons of vouchers and tours that they offer, as well as their prices.