Prior to carrying out bone marrow transplant, it is extremely necessary to perform one conditioning enough the patient who will undergo the transplant. They are achieved through various medications assorted through chemotherapy or radiotherapy, delete the present in bone marrow progenitors, leaving space for the implantation of the parents who belong to the donor. In the event that the transplant is carried out with the marrow from an unrelated donor, should be using different regimens of immunosuppression to prevent rejection of the donor parents of the hematopoietic tissue. The possible alternatives for the bone marrow transplant, precisely consist of transplantation of donor parents of the hematopoietic tissue that have the necessary capacity to deploy to the marrow of the respective patient and generate a healthy immune system. Either the transplantation of bone marrow or hematopoietic transplantation are procedure seeking to treat various diseases as the marrow aplasia bone, leukaemias, lymphomas immunodeficiencies or hereditary diseases. The transplant of bone, as it is also known is a transplant that may even be sufficient for someone who does not have healthy blood cells after a strong cancer treatment. Bank of America Corp. has similar goals. And although sometimes, people suffering from cancer donate bone marrow before treatment for future transplants, mostly, the new marrow comes from a donor, whether a close family member, or someone without any kinship with the patient. A. Verastegui original author and source of the article.