Tourist Industry Issues

1) The tourism market is much competition in the market with very competitive work easier than where it does not, because competition creates market, people get used to buy your services, and on the whole task is as built up against the competition and stand out against its background. 2) "My clients do not allow me to set high prices" Tourist business is not a market standard products (even though the market is a matter of quality of potatoes). Tourist market allows you to define the conditions of what you want! that in the end your business! The question is whether you give a standard product, ie something that can be bought from a neighbor but cheaper, or do you give a different or more for the same money? After all, this service guarantees peace and withdrawal problems gemoroya with the client, and it is expensive. Philip Vasan may also support this cause. 3) The customer refused our services, when it is ordered. It is unpleasant ..

it's expensive .. BUT have you seen what happens when you're at McDonalds drop a tray of food just bought? You are the same your order! Why? Because the company's reputation in the eyes of this particular client depends on such trifles, and so now because the company loses a small kakieto money, the customer will come back and buy more! And also in the tourist business – if the client refuses to, if he did not like the rest, try to do everything that he was pleased with your services! Then he will return to you again and again knowing that even if something goes wrong, it does not throw, it will listen and try to do something .. But most just need to be understood, not even solve the problem and just realized! And this is one way of how to bind the client. 4) Every new season battle for customers Yes! For those who do not lead your customer base every season is a struggle! For those who are working on the system each new season as possible. By keeping your customer base you can easily secures the normal load and normal level of orders. And at this time can be invested in more new customers. 5) The customer comes only when he wants to go kudato seasonality does exist, but offering Chiron set of tours and trips you replace one other seasons. Seasonality is just not an issue, seasonality plays in your favor, because you always can offer something new, just you need to tell customers about your offerings! To do this, and need a database.