Top Sweepstakes In January

Equal to the first blast started the year hardly started the year, already Pfalz courier fires back for his readers and reader great, attractive and free prize draws. Win tickets for the events, each 3 x 2 “the 12 tenor” or “Musical Magics” answer a question and perhaps you include at the end of the lucky winners! On Tuesday, January 25, 2011 will be the appearance of the “the 12 tenor” instead in the citizens Banquet Hall. Let yourself be fascinated by the impressive 12 votes. Enjoy the blend of pop, rock, Opera and operetta. The internationally successful production is in the Sudwestpfalz guest. With fresh songs, tried and tested classics and a show that does away with all existing cliches about the most exciting voice specialist of vocal music. 12 Tenors, 22 hits of the world, a show – the 12 tenor in Pirmasens and you can free the competition take part in. Already 3 days later the event “Musical Magics” in the Deidesheim Festival Hall will take place on Friday, January 28, 2011. To do this, we offer the unique opportunity to win 3 x 2 cards and carried away by the rousing live show at the Town Hall of garden of Eden. Look forward to the best of eight years musical magics and enjoy 19 musicals in a show, including all musical world successes such as the Phantom of the Opera, dance of the vampires, Elisabeth, Starlight Express, cats, Tarzan, sister Act, Les Miserables, the Lion King, u.v.m treat you are still once the most beautiful moments of musical-Magics. Pfalz courier wishes you much success and looks forward to participating in sweepstakes!