Modern tonometer is capable of measurement of blood pressure point to signs of not only hypertension but also other diseases. For example, some technologies used in a blood pressure monitor that can detect the first symptoms of arrhythmia, as well as accurately measure the pressure of people with an unstable heartbeat. Every buyer – tonometer according to his needs' This blood pressure monitor accurate? ',' And this blood pressure monitor quality? " – As a rule, only those questions and gives the buyer the pharmacist when buying a device for measuring blood pressure. Only later, reading the manual (not always, by the way, of course made up) and start using a tonometer, it faces a number of inconvenience, both small and significant. So, what is really a buyer should look for when choosing tonometer? Of course, not all of these features are important for every buyer, but be aware of possible mischief worth it. Size and good readability of the display, which is important especially for older people with impaired vision. It is also worth noting that in some blood pressure monitors, all data measurements (blood pressure, pulse, etc.) are displayed simultaneously, while others in turn.

Ease of management. Many people find it difficult to understand the actions to take when dealing with a tonometer. The ideal option for them – when the tonometer is controlled by one button. Convenience and reliability cuffs. Well, if the sticky part of the cuff is attached in a mate (not the fabric itself cuffs), it increases its service life.