The Wise

-To see if I understand, be in the circle makes you unhappy. -So. – And he is not. -So. – And how it came out? -Never came! Which circle is that? -The circle of 99. -Really, you don’t understand anything.

-The only way to understand it, would prove it with facts. -How? -Making the page entering the circle. -That, force to enter. -No, Highness, nobody can force anyone to come into the circle. -Then will have to trick him.

-Does not lack, Majesty. If we give him the opportunity, he will go alone, by himself – but he not will realize that this is your unhappiness? -Yes, you will notice. -Then you will not enter. -Do not you can avoid it. -You say that he will realize the unhappiness, which will cost you to get into that ridiculous circle, and anyway enters him and he cannot escape? -As is, Majesty. Are you willing to lose an excellent servant in order to understand the structure of the circle? -Yes. -Well, this evening I turn it to search. You must have prepared a bag leather with 99 gold coins, or one more or one less. 99! -What else? I have guards just in case? -Nothing but the bag of leather. Majesty, until night. -Until the night. So it was. That night, the Sage went to look for the King. Together is they slipped up the courtyards of the Palace and hid next to the House of the page. There they waited for the dawn. When the first candle was lit inside the House, the wise man grabbed the bag and attached a paper saying: this treasure is yours. It is the award for being a good man. Enjoy it and don’t tell anyone how you found it. Then he tied the bag with paper in the door of the servant, struck and returned into hiding.