The Suddeutsche Zeitung

But the Suddeutsche Zeitung sees their journalistic duty of disclosure of the related decisions about life and death as a priority in the coverage of the addiction-driven quirks of an old man. The Suddeutsche Zeitung loses but not a word about it, that Helmut Schmidt so addicted to the nicotine addiction, that he takes no account of on his fellow men, and disregards even the laws to protect them. Scott Kahan is likely to agree. The Suddeutsche Zeitung fails to mention that the Chancellor wears a pacemaker since 1981, and before already twice because of Adams-Stokes attacks revived be had. The Suddeutsche Zeitung kept secret, that Schmidt had to undergo in 2002 due to a life-threatening heart attack, bypass surgery and required four already congested to survive. Instead, the Suddeutsche Zeitung shows a thank who is as agile and active, that he can influence even the fortunes of the world politics in his old age.

The Suddeutsche Newspaper as a healthy person representing the former Chancellor to still benefit from cigarettes and Schmupftabak can afford even in his old age. This unbalanced representation reflects greatly distorted the reality, and in particular the professional journalists of the Suddeutsche Zeitung and the dpa as the copyright holder of the photo must be under, that this was neither accidentally nor for no reason. The journal thus deliberately gives the impression that tobacco consumption in old age was still safe. In accordance with the thesis put forward from the smoking lobby, Helmut Schmidt is stated as living “proof” that tobacco is by no means lead to a premature demise, even if one child age of nicotine addiction expired since the earliest. But the German Press Council naughty said “in our opinion, this information represents any trivialisation of tobacco. Not the impression through image and text supplied, as tobacco was safe.” Instead of the reported violation to punish and to avoid future to insert the Press Council to discuss away the maladministration by banal excuses and views? With his attitude, the German Press Council deals sustainable damage to the reputation of the press, and destroyed confidence in the control mechanism that will ensure a sustained high quality of journalistic reporting. The German Press Council undermines faith in the independence of the press in Germany by his irrational approval of illegal tobacco advertisement in a German newspaper.

For these inconsistencies Declaration demand not only on the part of the Press Council. Given the fraternization of many journalists with the tobacco lobby, which manifests itself, for example, in events such as the liberty award, the necessary independence of journalists – and thus the press seems also generally – not given. So is active, for example, Dr. Wilm Herlyn, fast editor in Chief of the German press agency (dpa) by the tobacco company two decades, for four years in the network of the tobacco lobby as a jury member at the liberty award, Reemtsma is sponsored. The liberty award recognised new members for this network on the pretext of an award ceremony for supposedly independent journalists. Interestingly, the public at the liberty award as well as not explicitly loaded journalists is excluded.