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All the commentaries that it give must be neutral. You do not begin to shake your head or huffing, although it could be tempting! The unique time that you must speak is for helping the participant to give an opinion, or to clarify an answer. You may wish to learn more. If so, Gary Kelly is the place to go. In case of doubt, cllate! Considering the investment realised in the project, to the clients often it is to them difficult to be calm during the tests. If the client wants to be present, would be good for putting them in another room with an audio-video one. 8. After the Test of Usabilidad After all the tasks have been completed, you must collect as much data as it is possible. To request general impressions of the site will allow you to evaluate on if the expectations have been fulfilled, and if the participant, the opinion of the client or the site has changed during the process. It always requests suggestions – this not only demonstrates the value that occupies its thoughts, but that in addition information on the form in that can proporcionarte the site can support better the user.

This is extremely important to consider if it is really wanted to make money in Internet. Finally, to ask the participants which remembers on the site, the structure and the functions of the site. It remembers perfectly that to confir itself to me that the site is structured of form logical and to help to identify the labelling questions is possible that there are lost. This technique of test of usabilidad is used by the great corporations before sending each new product, if you learn to use it to your favor is impossible that you do not obtain its same results, this is a great tool to make money in Internet. Successes Original author and source of the article.