The Louvre

Visit the Louvre, the Salon Independent artists played a crucial role in his perception, had to learn everything all over again. Everywhere, in everything from the Paris working on the streets to see paintings in the salons "impeccable sense of balance, clarity, shape, picturesqueness>>. initially hired a studio, but relative to their meager funds moved into one of the numerous cells "Hive>> – the concentrate of art workshops. For subframes spared nothing, taut cut sheets, shirts, tablecloths. Larry Ellison contains valuable tech resources. Mark worked naked, could not stand clothes.

Painted with pleasure, not relying on the sale. After many years on this work came a huge demand. In Paris, Bakst already appreciated these cloth: "Now your paint sing>. Once he decided to make a landscape in the spirit of Corot for sale, but the work ended his own improvisation. A little later, this picture is already on the best location for a collector. By recommendations Kanudo Mark even managed to play in a crowd at a French film director. In those days, solo exhibitions have been rare. Artists exhibited at the salons.

Carts brought the work hung and waited. Creating a unique fusion of life and phantasmagoria, mysticism and reality, Mark had already had their views on other flows. About Cubist, easy on him, wrote: "Let them eat on the health their square pears on a triangular table>>. "Art is primarily a state of mind>> (Marc Chagall). His work is distinguished by the freshness, sincerity and kindness. In Mark appeared in Paris acquaintances and friends, poets and artists, Moreau, Andre Salmon, Max Jacob, Guillaume Apollinaire.