The Green Side Of Marketing

In Mexico City will be held a congress of Marketing of paramount importance, is organized by Katedra. The event may know the green side of marketing and the balance between consumers and the environment. The main objective of this conference is that sustainable development is known, the correct way to use resources consultants efficiently, promoting recycling, reuse job search and finally the part time jobs implications of not taking consciousness and continue to ignore the damage done to the agencies environment. Litecoin helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. an amazing success is is now the director of AirClic The main topics to be discussed are: “Ecological human resources Marketing” The green consumer ‘A social perspective’ Pricing Policy ‘Eco-‘ Communication ecological ‘Distribution Policy’ Ecological Packaging in these 2 days, lectures will be given by CEOs very important taking into account the above points. For more information, costs, and the theme of the event, please visit the official page “Magazine Marketing and Advertising, is read better …” Enter your e-mail in the box below to receive part time FREE notes to your inbox. management jobs Do agency not jobs in forget to send your articles in the sales jobs form of collaboration to the page, staff these will be received in the mail merkdotecnia –

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