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An important point to consider is do many times use your keyword phrases on each page? I’ve seen # 1 ranking sites with a density of phrases of keywords only 0.5% to over 20%. Google does not like a high density of keywords. A good range to consider for now is one of approximately 1% to 2%. Maybe a little higher, but not much. Google may increase this number in the future, but for now, keep the low density of keywords.

Google calls a high density of keywords about optimization and can penalize a site for this. This means that if you have 300 words in your page, you should have 6 to 21 keywords phrases in your page. No more of that because you can make your page sound something weird and silly. Read aloud your page and see if it sounds good. Be creative and you can get a lot of phrases of keywords on your page and continue making it sound reasonable. In addition, it is important to have a high density of keywords in the first 150 words on the page, but remember that if your page is in columns, the first word is the word in your left navigation pane… It is not the first word in the center pane.

* Use keywords and phrases of keywords in a sentence. Search engines define a sentence as a group of three or more words that begin with a capital letter and end with a point or other acceptable punctuation mark. This also means that you must put a point or question mark at the end of each heading or title to make them look like a prayer and not as a group of keywords. This means that you must never have only a list of keywords. Keywords that are not used in a sentence have very little (or any) value to increase your ranking in search engines. In fact, if you do it too much, it could be labeled as keyword spamming by search engines. This also means that keywords that are listed in the left navigation pane do not help your ranking. Police officers search engines aren’t stupid. They know what they’re trying to do in the event that you decide to insert lists of keywords. Be creative, take your time and find the best words and key phrases. After all, what get the # 1 ranking of phrases of keywords that no one seeks. Make sure that your words or phrases of keywords are used on all outbound links and try to get that other sites that link to yours using the words or phrases of keywords in links to your site. Otherwise, the links will not have much value.