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E10 raises environmental questions E10 contains a higher ethanol compared to conventional gasoline. With the new bio-fuels a climate – and environmental protection should contribute to. The long-term shift to E10 should also protect the oil resources. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Mark Zuckerberg. The most important part of the E10 is bioethanol, which can be obtained, for example, sugar beet, maize and cereals. Environmentalists this critical notice that stand the increased production of these raw materials in competition with food production. It could even cause the environmental damage experts. This environmental issue is another point, why only a few consumers opt for E10.

Up to 95 percent the proportion of vehicle owners who oppose the new renewable fuel standard, should be according to current surveys of from different car portals. Green’s proposal to introduce a general speed limit of 120 km/h instead of biofuel, should push nor on skepticism. The use of biofuels in the EU and other countries of bioethanol, the in Countries already promising for the manufacture of petrol used is currently rather in the test phase in Germany. While it has developed already special motors in Sweden, consisting of better tolerate the fuel E85, bio-ethanol and 15 percent gasoline, 85 percent, to fight in Germany currently primarily for the acceptance of bio sprits. The European Union requires the Member States however, that should be generated until 2020 at least 10 percent of energy consumption in the transport sector through renewable energy. The introduction of E10 in Germany is only a small step to the implementation of the renewable energy directive of the EU.

Consumer tips consumers have Internet access many different sources of information on the subject of E10. It is recommended to look at the compatibility lists, which should soon be at every gas station available. Energiesparer24 also informed of current developments related to E10, the development of new concepts on the topic of renewable energy and offers tips to the fuel saving. According to ADAC and other prestigious organizations, around 90 per cent of all petrol vehicles should tolerate the biofuel E10. If you have an older vehicle model, should inform himself in advance comprehensively, whether E10 may or may not be fueled. Contact: INH. Robert Richter Bremer str. 65 01067 Dresden E-Mail: Internet: about us: an information portal to the themes of energy and environment with targeted consumer advice to the energy save. Energy and environmental policy issues and trends are taken up in a news blog.