The Economy In The Thuringian Forest Is Running!

1000 participants celebrate Thuringian forest the largest network party of the year at the first DAK company race. For the first time, the DAK invites the employees and contractors of the Thuringian forest to the company run economic region. On August 18, 2010, participants and guests in the biathlon arena in Oberhof, Germany will celebrate 2,000 the probably most athletic network party of the year. Under the slogan together reach more applies the own company as creative to present it. It to appear as well, that jointly runs the economy in the Thuringian forest. We feeling and networks are more important than the performance! The company is a team runners Thuringian forest.

In the foreground are the health and the socializing and not the mileage. Together with colleagues is the company to present. Ever more prominent, the better! “the slightly different network party” should be fun first and foremost. In doing so, companies have the opportunity to create common, especially positive and unforgettable experience for your employees. By the way meet the colleagues themselves better. Employee motivation and morale rise through the feeling. Then business contacts can be establish in a relaxed and casual atmosphere. And that without any barriers, because Managing Director as well as doorman facing in casual, sporty clothes and the business card is available directly on the shirt.

The common experience promotes communication. The DAK company run shows how versatile and diverse is the economic region of Thuringian forest. Every company has the opportunity to get special attention at the company run. Whether in large number of participants or the most creative outfit. Are no limits it. Whether as a battery, phone booth, or in the look of the company’s mascot, the eye-catcher is the most creative safe! The company running DAK want to motivate all employees of companies, authorities, associations or other organizations Thuringian forest to be. The line is designed with a length of 4.5 kilometers, that is they also cope without regular jogging can, can be especially also tumbled. “Motivate the organizer with the slogan: who runs longer, longer advertises the company!” For more information, uringer Tino Lesener