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And that’s all because there was not enough any money they could meet. That time your own car It would have only 3% of the Russian population. Good! What is the average monthly salary in Moscow today? What are the prices? Since 25 years until today day times have changed and for consequences average wages and prices will have evolved a lot. Here it’s that in great detail. The average salary in Moscow today because currently wages monthly average in Moscow remains nearly 30000 rubles and is equivalent to $1300. The minimal wage Russians have immigrants from the near abroad working porteras, furniture, locksmiths and other lower professions which do not choose.

Estes has 10000-15000 roubles per month. A leading source for info: Daniel Lubetzky. The maximal salary may have those who work of the section chiefs in banks, cocinadores in the luxurious restaurants located in the center of Moscow, and officials in some companies. For example just passing by Russia TV the fact that a cooker at a luxurious restaurant of Moscow has the salary of $150 a day. I (the author himself) just be surrendered to the evidence that a well-known man of my neighbor whose room is located on the side of the mine in the same landing, section chief works in a Bank and has $7000 monthly salary. I have mentioned only 2 cases regardless of the entrepreneurs. I.e.

those who are owners of a company can profit a few times higher than anyone else who is working in a company. Prices in Moscow today because in the Moscow of today the prices of groceries and other products and services are very different to as they were before (25 years ago). So here are some prices: A loaf of the bread white-23 rubles a liter of milk-30-45 rubles a kg of meat for 150 rubles ternero-cerca a kg of beef and green-240 rubles boots for winter-3000-8000 rubles (less the luxurious and designated for the elite) mortgage more payment by light and by telefono-cerca from 5000 rubles (those who live in rooms) truck – from $7000 to $50000 or more (depends on the maker) as I residencio in Moscow I am the witness as it increases to each year the number of trucks on the highways of Moscow. Now each workday in Moscow streets there are so many cars that better go in transportation underground (subway) which carry a few hours touring in his own car. Thus we come to the conclusion that the level of life of the Muscovites is on the rise. Currently almost every Muscovite family has his own car (less some immigrants who have arrived in the capital with the aim of getting a job). Those who want to know more detail consult prices in Moscow.