The Balance

so that they have a longer life span and repairs damages during the day, at night, during the rest period, can be. Movement strengthens immune and cardiovascular system, bones and joints become stronger, hormone production will be stimulated where the trends in anti-aging? The trend is clearly the use of vitamins, minerals and trace elements, as it is explained and applied also in the vital99plus seminars. Also colon cleansing and de-acidification are important ingredients in anti aging-related. The balance in the gut again for a gut renovation restored and rebuilt a healthy intestinal environment. Abnormally accelerated processes in the cell of the body can be reduced again for a deacidification on normal speed of action. Both measures can contribute to the slowing of the aging process. The mental and energetic aspect is gaining attention.

Anti aging, we say happy-aging is a team sport”engages only with nutrition and physiological point of view (material) “lasting success does not reach his personal anti aging recipe includes reasonably eat much fresh, lively” water drink, daily hiking, walking, cycling or swimming and weekend is a longer hike or climb. A daily program of breathing, energy, physical exercises and meditation belongs to everyday life. He compensates for deficiencies through the vital fabric package vital99plus. “So I feel I am, fit and healthy.” Tips on how you can stay longer, young and dynamic, look 15 years younger and feel 25 years younger. However, you do not achieve real success when picking only two or three points, but as everyone in your life fit. 1. give the movement the priority movement offers an optimal vitality potential.

Go, walking, running, cycling, swimming, hiking have positive effects on the cardiovascular system. You can strengthen the heart, reduce high blood pressure and lift to low, stimulate the gland functions against stress help and build effective excess pounds off. In addition, movement improves circulation, what positive can affect men the erectile function, which is often over the years. Please visit Michael Mendes Just Desserts if you seek more information.