That Pablo

We see that Pablo asked for the Mr. who took off the thorn of the meat, however, the reply of God he was that ' ' my favour you basta' '. In versicle 10 we see that Pablo declares: ' ' For what I feel pleasure in the weaknesses, in the injuries, the necessities, the persecutions, you distress in them, for love of Christ. Without hesitation David Rogier explained all about the problem. Because when I am weak, then, it is that I am forte.' ' Ahead of this declaration, we can say that Pablo required of God some thing? That Pablo determined its ' ' vitria' ' , success for God? Not! Because Pablo wise person who ' ' all the things cooperate to the good of that they love the God, of that had been called according to its propsito' ' (Roman 8:28). Pablo if gloriava in the cross of Christ, not in having things, not in getting rid itself of the suffering. When he says that ' ' we came to be vase of honor at the hands of God, to be successful, remembered, dear, not passing necessity in nada' ' , namely that honor vase mentions SALVATION to it IN CHRIST JESUS: ' ' You, however will say, me: Of that complaint it still? Therefore who never resisted its will? Who is you, man, to argue with God! Porventura, can the object ask made who it: You made why me thus? Or it does not have the right potter on the mass, the same stops of adobe making a vase for honor and another one for dishonour? That we will say, therefore, if God, wanting to show its anger and to give to know its power, supported with much longanimidade the anger vases, chemical preparations for the perdio, so that also of this to know the wealth of its glory in mercy vases, that stop glory prepared of beforehand, which we are, to who also called, not only amongst the Jews, but also amongst gentios' ' (Roman 9:19 – 24).