Television Studio

Premium shipping House focuses on pioneering distribution channel and produced in the studios of WECONDA virtual studio productions Hohenwarsleben / Dorverden (29.10.2010): Europe’s leading shipping company for heating systems sends immediately from an own TV Studio. Thus the company on an innovative customer communication and uses the enormous importance of the Internet, by moving to develop new audiences and innovative to inform customers. Baby clothes understands that this is vital information. The TV Studio is a so-called virtual Television Studio, i.e.: the whole Studio set of the boiler department store comes from State of the art 3D-Grafikrechnern. The moderators are located only in a large green space: glossy scenes and graphics are without exception from the computer. For the production of the videos, the boiler department store GmbH relies on the comprehensive portfolio of TV producer WECONDA – virtual studio productions. For the sales manager Klaus-Peter Tischer, the cooperation is a great success: “the team at WECONDA has exactly understood what was important to us. We wanted one have modern, innovative and down-to-Earth at the same time Studio environment. In particular, the integration of our logo was important to us.

Now, our logo in the video exposed and the Virtual Studio backdrop – arises then awesome! We are pleased about the excellent results and know that we once again clearly front are fed with this unique type of production compared to our competitors.” With the production of high-gloss videos, responds to current market changes the management of and uses HD video as a highly innovative distribution channel. WECONDA holders and diploma journalist Georg Mahn explains the value of virtual image design. “Whether American Idol, news, or crime scene: media users are always surrounded by perfect images.” We get this perfection in the Internet as well. With our unique virtual Studio, our 3D-Graphiker created boundless backdrop so that a Web shop with our help to the unrivaled star lit.