Telecommunications Development

In her charge are technologies to learn the language and communicate directly with native speakers, but not with our teachers, transmitting "nevladenie" language to his students, and even a "nevladenie" is obtained with a strong accent, when a person comes to a country whose language he was trying to learn in school! Moreover, he can not understand anything, but it, general, a properly constructed supply can not understand. He says it's all wrong! Need physics? Please! Means of communication to help connect with people who not only know the physics, but are very fond of her. Then you are guaranteed to ignite the study of this interesting science. And so with any object with any information. Already, this possibility is realized with the help of Internet networks (people even get a higher education through a network). and it would be nice if these same technologies will help our development and extricating "the civilization of the impasse.

At this stage of development of telecommunications companies providing such services and create with them consumer community that will consume primarily the products that these same companies and they will deliver. This is a huge redistribution of the market! I can see a situation in which the present mankind gradually stratified into several groups. One group will own spiritual and psychic powers at a very high level. They will be at the top of peoples to govern them, and gradually develop the context in which able evolve other people. Another group, using the technical capabilities already developed on Earth, will be as if, in the intermediate state That is it will raise the level of their spirituality and develop their hidden force in parallel using technical means to communicate with that group of people who, due to different conditions, yet can not develop their full mental apparatus (or can not do this because they do not come to awareness of ourselves as creatures with hidden talents). For this reason they can not and use their mind as an instrument of knowledge. Thus, the technical means of telecommunications will be one of the piers for the new humanity, which, by means of communication will be increasingly combined into a single team capable to cooperate in the overall development and forcefully pierce the granite walls of delusion and denial, accumulated over long centuries of neglect of its spiritual essence. The inevitable development of communication must be sent to the mainstream of human strength and abilities, otherwise it will be another factor contributing to the destruction of our civilization as such