Tarot Friend

The boundaries between tarot to dry and Gypsy tarot seem to be confused. Many people refers to the tarot, interchangeably, with one or another nickname. Up to the Roma people a few years ago seemed to be the unique diffuser of the tradition of the tarot, but today, in the era of communications, Internet puts at our disposal a huge wealth of information on all types of variants and modalities of this mancia. Today it is extremely simple to learn and practice the Celtic tarot, the hindu, the foundational Egyptian tarot. And, however, none has succeeded in Dethroning the Gypsy tarot, the favorite when it comes to all queries. Why? Perhaps because this town considers, like no other to the tarot, friend and fellow traveler.

The origins of its close relationship are lost in the darkness of the past; the tarot has helped Roma to come out strong and victorious in all sorts of tragedies and adversities. The link that unites them is narrow and deep. Perhaps for this reason, interpreted it as anyone. We know that Gypsies were enslaved in Egypt during the time of the Pharaohs. And there are strong indications that there made contact, for the first time, with 78 blades of the tarot.

Arcana gave them maybe, consolation and a promise of freedom that finally became reality. They were perhaps for this reason, to leave a land that was them odious, with them. Through them, it is assumed (everything in the origin of tarot seems wrapped in mystery) was that he landed the tarot in Europe. And the tarot was also there, support and guidance of the Roma people through a long history of persecution and abuse and humiliation. Eventually, it would become even for them a means of subsistence. Thus begin the tradition of the query to the tarot of Gypsies, whose wisdom is transmitted from generation to generation. The iconography of the fortune teller Gypsy reading the future in the cards would not take in settling in the popular imagination. Therefore, it is not difficult to understand that Gypsies consider the tarot as a friend. Because rather than provide them with a means of earning a living, the has accompanied in moments of happiness and sustained at moments of misery, always faithful and loyal, over thousands of years. As only true friends do. Original author and source of the article