Extreme Sports

Bakiocat has been brought to the center of Bilbao their jet skis, boats, quads, and all the equipment needed to encourage the Basques to practice nautical sports and extreme sports. To make it known, has held an inauguration in which hundreds of people have seen about the bid, at an event at A Cook enlivened Ereaga Catering. From its new facility next to City Hall, the firm made an innovative approach to bring renting this field, bringing to the public the possibility of having a jet ski, even in times of crisis. In addition, markets and provides rental services from a wide range of vehicles and sports-related items such as water skiing, kayaking, diving, quads, jet skis, etc. a At the head of the firm is the team of specialists in water sports Bakiocat school, a club for a year and a half adults and children through tours, excursions and courses at various levels. In order to promote this type of sports, this center provides services as: from diving and baptisms in the sea to outlets for celebrations and parties. The growing acceptance of water sports in Vizcaya has been responsible for this project Bakiocat complementary, focused the public has already begun.

According to Jorge Gutierrez, Director of Bakiocat and experienced in the subject, there is a very wide range of people interested, the problem has always been the purchasing power, who could have a jet ski?. With leasing we have removed this barrier, making it truly affordable. We are the first in Spain to do so, but I think it will come much closer to the thrill seekers in touch with nature is a great attraction for the amateur, that Jorge usually between 25 and 40 years, though, qualifies, at 50 there many people who practice. At a general level, caring for our coast and the habit of seeing him play is also leading more people into these sports, although much remains to be done, as regulation of their final practice. Since its business areas Bakiocat aims to contribute to the development of sport in Vizcaya, the mid and long term promotion of competitive activities and exhibitions, and organizing specialized events.