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One of the aptitudes most important to be successful in any emprendimiento is the capacity to determine goals to intelligent form. Our goals to length, medium and short term are our steps towards the success. Any person who wanted to reach her goals will not arrive very far without elaborating a plan or a strategy to follow. One says that a goal is only a dream with a date top, therefore each reached goal will approach a step to us more the accomplishment of that dream that we have in our heart. Although this can seem very logical, many emprendimientos fail at this one level. The majority of the people does not have problems in determining goals and objectives. There is an endless number of courses and programs that teach like doing it indeed. The problem rather resides in obtaining our goals within the term that we seted out to reach them.

Distractions, the bad habit to leave the things until later and the surprise obstacles are the reason for which never we arrived where we want to arrive. Suddenly we realize of which we have not advanced much ever since we began to persecute our dream. At this moment we run the risk of which the frustration and dejection take to us to abort our mission completely and resigned to the best life than we wanted to reach sometimes. First that nothing, we must understand that the success is not a right that belongs to us. If it wishes to be successful in any thing in the life, is going to require effort, time and hard work. In other words: blood, sweat and tears.

Nevertheless, there are ways to lighten the task. You can look for a mentor or a good friend to who You must to him render accounts by your advances. He will drive it forwards to this more than any other thing. If You commit yourself to render accounts to that person, always he is going to obtain his goals in time. Additionally it they will be able to attend with a wise advice or a suggestion who will still help him to achieve the success. How works this to render accounts actually? Three Steps Keys to render accounts successful: It writes down everything what You want to reach in one week along with your friend to whom she must to him render accounts. They do not plan too much. At the outset he is better to consider goals easier to obtain since it is important to undergo success at the outset. The failure in to this one is going it area to discourage. It divides each weekly goal in smaller steps and tries to fulfill this every day. It is commited to obtain that small step daily. Automatically it is going to transform itself less into a step towards his great goal. A small action that becomes in consistent form is going to expand by its own account and in a moment it is going away to astonish of much that has advanced. Renase with its friend every week. Dgale which You has obtained in the week and, as well, analyzes so that there are other goals that could not obtain. This is going to help to him to improve its strategy to determine goals for the next week.

Ricard Gom

The social exclusion is the process by which determined individual and groups have systematically blocked their access to positions that would allow an independent subsistence them within the social levels determined by the institutions and the values in a given context (Castells, 1998, P. 97 – 99). The definition expresses a dynamic phenomenon that can affect to different groups at different moments from its vital trajectory, and that contains a great diversity of explanatory factors. For Ricard Gom and Joan Subirats (2003, P. 127 – 128), as structural phenomenon implies in " sprouting of a new social split in term of inside/fuera" and as multi-factor and multidimensional phenomenon points " an accumulation of unfavorable circumstances strongly interrelacionadas" – sort, age, ethnic origin, incapacity, type of home, social class: scholastic failure, labor uncertainty, weakness of affective bonds, infra house and on incidence of diseases. A PARADIGM DE Participation the changes lived in Barcelona would be influenced by the effective crisis in the system of political representation of the present time that was demanding the conformation of new democratic models that contemplated the necessity of the individuals to exercise their participation in the deliberations of the governments. As it affirms Celso Capilongo (1987, P. 96 – 97), the aging of the traditional practices remains latent to make policy and generally the system of political representation went to the length of the time revealing itself little qualified for the function of social integration and production of collective identities, showing more and more acute its incapacity to filter the social demands and transfrmalas in political decisions. Ismael Blanco and Ricardo Rubber (2002, P. 7) describe the crisis of the model of traditional government like departure point for a new logic of governability: " the traditional democratic government is today with increasing difficulties to react of effective and efficient way before complex, uncertain and more and more dynamic surroundings, and the democratic legitimacy of the public institutions is deteriorated before a reflective and more and more critical citizenship, with new values that cannot satisfy with simple the technocratic provision with services pblicos." The moment historical it has produced in Barcelona like in many other places in the world, the necessity to legitimize itself to action of new political institutions that happened to integrate new emergent subjects and that universalised the strategy of participating citizenship.