South American

The Aconcagua in Mendoza is a challenge for that they dare to arrive until him and still more for that they dare to scale it. We speak of the highest mountain of the South American continent and second of the world. The Aconcagua in Mendoza is in the department of the Heras, and is the one who gives name to a National Park created to protect its beauty and the one of its surroundings. To arrive until its base, more close possible, is all an adventure and if climbing you are experimented, it hopes to you with his challenge that not infrequently has been mortal. For more specific information, check out jeff Bakalar. In order to enjoy the beauty of the Aconcagua it is precise to contract a specialized service since there is to consider many factors before starting off.

The climate and the conditions of the way are most significant. Also it is important to have specialized guides because he will be indispensable to make different shutdowns during the way and will be pleasanter if that accompany to us they know where they are and they take care of who them. At the Aconcagua it is possible to be arrived from multiple forms, a good idea is to start off from the city of Mendoza to arrive a Horcones, in order to cross the bridge on the river that gives to name to the locality and power to contemplate the beauty of the Gorge of the Peach tree. In order to arrive at the confluence of the Aconcagua it will be necessary to walk for more than one hour. But the effort of the long walk will be compensated when we know the secrets of the mountain climbing and pruned to see the wonderful landscapes that there are there. In the mountain refuges we will be, and some of very famous them doubtless, with mountain climbers worldwide. The expedition of adventure to know the Aconcagua takes between 3 and 5 days, depending the resistance level that you want to surpass. It will be a passage by natural monuments with the always at sight mountain. It remembers to count on a good equipment to encamp, to support the low temperatures of the route and to enjoy without limits everything what the Aconcagua in Mendoza has for ofrecerte. If it likes this information, recommends east article to its friendly and relatives.