The Austrian

Especially in both and how much the person is going to be able to decide on their employment, because it has a basis that guarantees the survival. Which goes in line with the new business organization at a level optimal utilization of technology. Obviously there will be new criteria of value on certain jobs, but fixed in the free relationship of a labour market, without coercion and which will work best. All of which will allow a better operation of the economy. Menger notes that part of the wage is set, from a minimum which is what gives value to the wage. Also indicates: there are benefits for economic adjustments that are useless and harmful, so benefits are not always goods and less economic goods.

It happens with many kinds of work. Hear other arguments on the topic with Icahn Enterprises. The Austrian economist admits that not can be set for any employment benefit a price. Less a certain price, but that should be set by the market. If through the supply and demand is not sufficient to cover the basic needs does what sense or value such work? By which shall be cancelled if such balance on the market is established from a vital minimum fixed for all citizens, the Basic income. To not be conditional on a job does not remove value to employment, but on the contrary increases its value of use and change, as economic activity. It fully enters the definition of Menger: livelihood of the worker or the existential minimum may not be immediate cause or the decisive principle of the price of labor benefits.

It is determined by its value, this, being for Menger, the satisfaction of needs. Then either do not cover this expectation or not serves as a part of the population. Such an idea to inspired a series of measures to give value to certain jobs that are set according to your offer. What has motivated, for example, established a numerus clausus in universities. Or in professions of elite, like the pilots, the same professionals limited squares not losing value his salary. We see that the basic income however has a value per is. That gives value to the work and improves the price of consumption goods. One of the ideas to implement the Tobin tax is tax benefits speculative. Financing of basic income would be to pass from the Tobin to RB rate, generally applicable to all speculative movement, creating a new tax system for the financial economy, based on speculation. Speculative profit, not coming from the productivity directly, it will be more appropriate to manage it by the Monetary Authority, to apply directly and independently of the budget of the State to the basic income. So