In order to identify best sellers FirstMerit regularly conducts its own shares "Mystery Shopper" in retail outlets. Recruiters go to shopping malls and to watch, who serving customers better than anyone else and most of all sells. They are besieged by vendors, provoking a scandal, or even buy anything, and then returned to watching the reaction. FirstMerit hires a lot of people who attended school retail trade, as he believes that experience is very valuable. Many good sellers in the trade is clearly underpaid, and they deserve more. In addition, the sellers themselves willingly agree to pursue a career in the more prestigious banking. "At Home Among Strangers." FirstMerit provides regular action "Mystery shopping" in other banks.

He are sending their employees to other banks under the guise of customers to open an account. Spies trace procedure, as manager communicates with the client as return phone calls as responding to tricky questions, conducts a cross-selling after opening the account … The best workers then receive an invitation to FirstMerit. "Fishing" as the Internet conjunction with the phone. Ron O’Hanley: the source for more info. At FirstMerit use "working" sites, as an indirect way to reach the target candidates. To search for a mid-level managers, they go first to their potential employees and get recommendations.

For example, if they want to find the best loan officers in the new office, the declaration instead of "require a credit inspector …" they advertise on search assistant / assistant loan officer. Why? First, the managers of loans are generally more satisfied with their jobs (in America ..:-)); secondly, they are simply much less than other employees of a lower rank, so the probability of response to the ad is small. AND third and most important: the younger the bank staff more talkative and very sociable. They simply have nothing to lose … In the process of communicating with the task responded to the ad recruiter – to learn the names of the top loan officers of a bank. Or general information about the best leaders, with whom the applicant had to work. Next – a trick. This indirect path was more effective, as it turned out that good credit Inspectors do not have the habit to send or post your resume on the Internet. Afterword. You can littered all job-site their ads, but nothing can replace you a recruiter with a telephone receiver in his hand. Phone – their main tool and weapon. Their main skill – the ability to establish contacts with people, the chain of contacts and gather information. Do not get carried away online search. Start calling. More contacts – more good candidates. To be continued …

Working Overseas Migrant Workers

According to the experts of the market of labor migration, more than half a million Russians are currently abroad. About 50 thousand of our compatriots go abroad every year in search of work and better life. Among them are qualified as experts and scholars, and ordinary workers, whose number is much higher. According to statistics, only 10% of all who had gone abroad to work, take their respective specialty jobs. In general, these scientists and programmers. The rest either do not have higher education, or can not get in their profession. In most cases, the Russians are looking for overseas job babysitting seller bartender, janitor, etc.

Also, our people are held dishwashers, barbers, truckers, sailors, dockers and clerks. In general, working abroad going people over 35. Few of them speak the language country in which the search for work, or at least English. And this is the main obstacle in the search for a good job. Our citizens often are hired only because they agree on all earnings and do not require high salaries. In the U.S., our people are working mainly in the services sector. In Germany, the Russians worked as a salesman or barbers in the home.

Some installers or repairers work in factories. In Italy, our citizens hold office designers, representatives of trading companies and architects. A very large number of Russians involved in the dirty work – cleaning, washing dishes, caring for the elderly. In Spain, our citizens can be met fairly infrequently. In general – during the holiday season is employment as a waiter and dishwasher. Some Russians are employed in Denmark. There, they mainly work laborers on farms. In Israel, the Russians are so many programmers. In Sweden, our women are most often arranged in a nursing home nurses. In Norway, the Russian sailors working sailors, navigators, mate. In England the demand for Russian nurse, and in France – the maids and clerks. In Canada, our people go to work by sellers in big stores, and in Turkey – the animators. As you can see, Russia supplies to the West not only qualified, but in most cases – the labor force.

Russian Internet

But do not discount the liability and employers to the workers themselves – in the case any failure in the telecommunications equipment and other from time to time there are misfortunes like a regular routine failure at the provider, must necessarily exist a way to backup data, which teleworkers should from the very beginning of cooperation advised. Just get silly when the firm plans to use teleworkers Turns your email address on a free server. If you seriously use remote work, the need to take care respectively, and reliability of this method of interaction. It is worth to take care of service Privacy transmitted data – if it can be competitors and alert, that hackers and employees of certain law enforcement agencies are always 'in office'. The last aspect of the work at home, but can be one of the most significant, at least directly for themselves telerabochih is the question of payment. In this direction the Russian Internet has already made some real and practical steps for providing solutions Ferris is very raznosherstye remittance.

But if someone is not quite trust this technology, you can use the old fashioned way or opening a mail order account for the remote worker. It is true the current tax policy in general and the government's attitude to business has created a situation where more often used is not entirely legal methods of calculation, which contributes to the active promotion on the Russian market 'digital cash'. About the manner and built relationships and their Russian telerabochih employers.