Commission Auction

Internet auction site eBay already there are about 30 years on the Internet and is constantly gaining popularity. Attendance auction reaches 1 million in one day. It speaks to the popularity of this resource not only in Europe but in all others. Auction works constantly. You can buy and sell at any time of day. Purchased at auction can be anything.

Auction has hundreds of thousands of lots that are constantly updated, and sold there. Pricing policies are very loyal. Some products can be purchased for pennies. You can also open your own shop on eBay. And sell all kinds of goods. The only caveat – knowledge of English language and a clear analysis of each customer on the likelihood of fraud.

Try to deliver the goods by USPS. Delivery services of this company is very fast. You will receive product in 5-10 days. This is much better than air mail, transfer product through which can last up to 1 month. Another good and reliable broker is – Assists in purchasing and in the delivery of goods. Not a few important issue is the VAT and customs duties. But! These taxes put on goods worth over 200 euros and weighing more than 50kg. Be sure to take into account the situation in which it is possible that you oplaktite, but do not receive the goods. The reason for this may be cheating, but more often is that at border duty imposed on him. If you decide to sell items on the auction predetsya am exposed to pay for the lots. No fee will be great if engaged in selling in earnest. If you want to implement a trinket with a profit of 10 Euro – then check out our auctions. For the nomination you will need lots of card VISA or MasterCard. If the registration of the seller ceases to be successful you full user auction Ebay. You can set unlimited number of units with unique descriptions, as well as to the amount that can be greater than 1. Page has a lot to your product photos, description, condition of delivery rates for your item, as well as information about you (the seller). Poldzovateli bet and at the end of trading terms, which can reach up to 10 days, you or your customer contacts and together you decide on the formalities of delivery and payment. If you sell the lot auction impose a fee of 4%. That is, if you sold the lot for $ 100 then you charge a $ 4 Commission. Trade, sell, earn.

MLM Money

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