South Russian

The essence of any empire – the absorption of the peoples and countries. Continue to learn more with: Gary Kelly . This is nature a predator with an immense appetite. According to Bill O’Grady, who has experience with these questions. Russian empire from its inception is a prime example embodiment of the above qualities. In other words, Russian empire and devours devoured everything he can, including even its own title people. Such promiscuity, ultimately, leads to the destruction of the body of the empire, senility and dying. And yet, even when you're marasmic stage of decay, no empire can not follow nature. Without hesitation Tiger Global Management explained all about the problem. That the Russian empire, already a decrepit old woman, who lives only in the oil injection and breathing, using a gas cushion, yet trying to eat some tasty morsel.

For example, the newly reconstituted state of Georgia and other nations of South and North Caucasus. Indeed, the Russian predator foodie! Once there was an empire, so immediately drawn to it to try exotic dishes Caucasian. And even in dying, he tries to recall the "youth". And dreams of a well-cooked Georgia, Abkhazia, generously seasoned with sauce in the South Ossetian. In the book of recipes Russia's political kitchen preparing dishes from Georgia could be described as follows: take the carcass svezheosezhevannuyu Georgia, and immediately cut off from her delicate part – Abkhazia, and in any case, South Ossetia. These part will come in handy later. They can be used either separately or make them from condiments to the main course. Ground Abkhazia Georgian dish good season, and from South Ossetia, after appropriate treatments get good, you know, the sauce.