Committee Industralist

In other cases nonanticipated in this article, it would be necessary to before successfully obtain the consent of the interested ones to be able to communicate its data. Consequently all the information would not have to be accessible to the representatives of the workers and thus for example, the industralist would not have to facilitate the lists of his employees to the Committee of Company without his consent, since the information who contain exceeds the functions attributed by Law to these representatives, being sufficient in this matter the contribution of documents TC1 and TC2. Situation complica a little if we consider that ET on the one hand recognizes the Committee of Company the capacity to exert administrative actions and judicial and it attributes to him, competitions that suppose a position of independence with respect to the industralist and on the other side we must consider that this organ does not have own legal personality, therefore cannot be considered like the person in charge of the file as physical or legal person defines article 3 of the LOPD like, of public or deprived nature, or organ office staff, that decides on the purpose, content and use of the treatment. Consequently this organ could not either be sanctioned directly by the Spanish Agency of Protection of Datos (AEPD) even though it harmed the norm of protection of data. What happens then when the Committee of Company commits infractions derived from this norm and what measures would have to adopt the industralist to prevent these situations? First of all it is necessary to stress that the representatives of the workers by the mere fact to receive the confidential information, yes that they are forced to fulfill the dispositions of the Law, in this sense article 11,5 of the LOPD arranges that That one to that the personal character data communicate forces, by only done of the communication, to the observance of the dispositions of the present Law . .

Communication Or Pathology

COMMUNICATION OR PATHOLOGY? The glance of Mr. Garci’a towards the universe of the American south. The saying begins: That it does not have worse one-eyed, that one than does not want to see. To think that the dissatisfaction problem that the town suffers, is only a communication problem; between the state and the unsatisfied majorities. The way crossed by the great majorities is to have given account of that is in the top of the direction of the country. Or it suffers of some mental ailment or it has surroundings that they present to him the mistaken thing the reality.

We see the situation of the national teaching that languishes by the hunger wages that a good part suffers of tuberculosis and is the sector of risk of all the pandemics that asolan the humanity at present. But the ironic thing it is the propaganda chain that this being reversed supposedly to present kindness this one regime. Budget that already this exceeding all that has the sector education in the present year. With the amount of money that they spend in giving to get fat to his friendly of the companies of telecommunications could have duplicated the money of the thin pays of the educational ones. But they follow in their thirteen and they would not move backwards in continuing spending much more to present what she is not seen in the reality. When they speak of electrification to the countryside, they are not the same communities farmers whom they must pay of where is those that supposedly the State gives them, and later due to his thin income they remain again in the dark, I wonder where this the progress? It will not be for his friendly industralists who continue winning in abundance, sucking until the blood of my brother original farmers. It mentions of thousands of houses that construct to the state and the private company; but what it does not say that these are overvalued in excess that its true value many of the times in the middle of arrives what this valorized, but what and it says to us that the aggravated middle-class must get into debt itself until by three times the value that says to value such ghosts of houses.

Venezuelan System

To be preparation before the effects of the variables external that influences in the supply of the product, its production, like the incidence of the state with its actions, the one of the competition, the one that the same globalisation has generated. Like also that described so well, used is functions that are expected of the department of markets, what so preparation this its resources human. The certain thing, that it is necessary, to avoid a series of errors that can seriously be given and be affected the waited for performance of the function of markets. On the matter of it, in an interesting writing on the subject, it contributes to us Alexander Juregui, that definitively there are many errors comment when he is not understood clearly the importance and the impact of the policies of trade of the companies. A flat vision of the businesses and thoughts of short term, often have destroyed good ideas of businesses, by a total disconnection between the company and its system of marketing. It proposes the suggestion of not committing some errors that are indicated and that of them we will pause in two, who we considered important Between the errors that indicate are: To compare the market with the sales? Not to constantly think about the system of attention the client? To forget that a client frequents is more valuable long term than an occasional sale of high entrance. To put major emphasis in the volume of clients and not in its quality and yield? to base the determination of the prices on the highest cost instead of an objective price? To separately plan the tools of communication and without integration with the trade system? To sell the product, without including/understanding and to respond to the real needs of the consumers Of the mentioned ones is important detenercese in the reach than it represents for example, neglecting as it happens in many of the Venezuelan companies, especially its SMEs the related thing to put major emphasis in the volume of clients and not in its quality and yield. .