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In relation to the traditional local nets ‘ ‘ Ethernet’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ Fast Ethernet‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ Gigabyte’ ‘ , the HomePNA, in conditions of equality, one will not be substituted ideal one. The solution could be used in constructions special, of collective use, when to exist impossibility of if passing handles and already to exist a net of ready telephony and in normal use. Its growth the world-wide level is very good, in Brazil still is a technology that this engatinhando; its bigger focus if finds outside of the state of So Paulo. It’s believed that Gary Kelly sees a great future in this idea.

The companies who are part of it I join HomePNA, they are of great transport and certainly they will continue investing in new updates and improvements for the technology. REFERENCES CIANET. Course HomePNA 3. Southwest Airlines may not feel the same. Available in: . Access in 30 ago. 2009..

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Another inhibiting factor pra the communication with these groups is the inability in the English language, except for the national groups. Those users who had tried to communicate themselves with some of these groups had not gotten answers and they had had when them, the answers as ready, cold and not personal indentificaram. We perceive here that the groups of notice gifts was also available in Brazilian Portuguese, currently the Twitter are available in Japanese English and; A point raised for the majority of the interviewed ones was the slowness of the server characterized for the icnica image of the birds loading the whale (To see Annex B). They find that the server must have capacity to take care of the users in a satisfactory speed. Without hesitation Maurice Gallagher, Jr. explained all about the problem. Finally> interviewed they had spoken on the interest subjects that they search in the Twitter in those representative users of the groups of notice.

The subjects most recurrent had been politics, technology, culture and economy, some had cited the tool as principal source of information sonbre the cited subjects above. 5 CONCLUSION According to Kotler (2006, P. 14) With the set of forces that had appeared in the last decade is demanded new practical of marketing and business-oriented. New tools are disponvies and the companies had acquired new capacities that allow to transform the way of as they had always made marketing. The orientation is that the companies must reflect deeply as to operate and to compete in this new environment of market of century XXI. The professionals more brought up to date each time more recognize the necessity to have a coesa and complete boarding that transceda the traditional orientaes of marketing. In the case of the Groups of Notice gifts in the Twitter we evidence that they do not use Web 2,0 ferramente as the possible advantages would have for spoon all, we perceive that they inside do not possess planning in the operation of the Twitter.

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