Undeclared Work

Appropriate models are on the market already existent “many people know to help otherwise in their emergency and dealing with health care workers from Eastern Europe, often illegally and without having to pay social security contributions. Here we must pave back the way the legality”, health policy spokesman of the CDU/CSU – Bundestag Jens Spahn in the world said on Sunday. Would nationwide estimates of the German Institute for applied nursing research in Cologne to follow, up to 400,000 women mainly work in undeclared work. There are several ways in the conversation to legalize the status of women, apparently. It is conceivable according to Spahn that families with dependent persons could sign the support forces in future mini job Central. Read more here: Dell Inc.. Even if they live and work around the clock in the budget.

Families as an employer: thats not feasible Simon Wenz, Managing Director of Angel home care services GmbH, welcomes the thrust of the CDU/CSU group in the Bundestag: basically we are pleased when the Federal Government sets the supply bottleneck in care for the elderly on their political agenda. The idea of using family as an employer, may be there but nowhere”. For those in care and their families are likely to be greatly overwhelmed in the case of setting a support force with the employer obligations. There are those affected generally not aware of the legal and economic risks that go along with such a job. A family is a support force in itself, then also legal employer obligations applicable in Germany must be respected, so the support forces must be paid not only to wage.

Holiday entitlements, wages in case of illness, as well as all other workers are also to them. A State that does not relieve the affected families, but is completely overloaded. Strengthening of existing models instead of introducing new posting is, for example, a model through the employment of 24 Hour care can be performed legally. If it is applied correctly. Read additional details here: Hewlett-Packard . This includes that the care force must be applied according to 18 of the workers – Act, and that the service force of the prevailing minimum wage (9 / hour in the West and 8 per hour in the East) must be paid. This is particularly important, because practice has shown that the minimum working conditions and minimum wages in the posting are often undermined. Another model of the practice is the independence of the support forces. That the independence in the 24-hour care is generally legally possible, confirmed a judgment of the Bundessozialgericht by September 28, 2011 (REF. B12 R 17/09 R). Thus, an activity such as that of a domestic worker in the context of a free service relationship, so in the independence, may be exercised. Should rather prevalent abuse of the extract broadcast process, rather than to new models with high bureaucracy in life, to wage and social dumping operate, further curbed, and compliance are more checks.

European Union

Advocate General Sharpston suggests the Court to reject the appeal of France against the judgment of the Court, with which, the PMOI was removed from the EU’s terrorist list. Lyon in eastern France and capital of the region of Rhones-Alpes is known for its warm atmosphere and way of life, a rich tourist offer in a creative and innovative city that has something for every mood. Many visitors appreciate Lyon in December because of his famous Temple (Fete of des Lumieres). The gastronomic city of par excellence will take you into the world of culinary delights and pleasures. The numerous Lyon chef panels you regional products and culinary specialities on rounded off by numerous great wines of the Rhone Valley. In the heart of the region of Rhones-Alpes Lyon is an attractive cultural and dynamic Centre.

Nearly 100 destinations in 30 countries served by the airport, there are 2 hours to Paris by TGV and 90 min after Marseille Lyon worth including as a day-trip destinations or for a weekend. In addition to exhibitions, music, theatre, dance and literature, the city houses every two years with the BIENNALE DE LYON a special experience of contemporary art, which will take place from September 15 until December 31, 2011, for the eleventh time. Under the title of A terrible beauty is born”curated the Argentinian Victoria Noorthoorn, an exhibition that counts with its innovative concept to a highlight in the international cultural calendar 2011. About 60 artists from all over the world, but mainly out of Europe, Africa and Latin America, are at four different locations (La Sucriere, Bullukian Foundation, Museum of contemporary art, and T.A.S.E.-factory) display their works on 15,000 square meters of exhibition space. In the Centre of the BIENNALE DE LYON is offering visitors and the claim to offer contemporary art for everyone: offerings range from workshops on guided tours or audio guides that enable an independent hiking and walking through the exhibition rooms, to conferences and meetings, the the Exchange with other Immerge.

Supreme Guide

His longtime mentor and friend is Mullah Ali Keschvari. Their spiritual relationship can be that, that also Keschvari in connection with the unrest in Boroujerd for 70 days was banished from the city. Keschvari is regarded as the leader of the Bassij, the force on the destruction of houses and Centres of Dervishes have done. He writes for Raja news, a site that is run by hardliners. He also comes from Boroujerd. The special feature of Keschvari is its affiliation with a circle of illustrious, that are about the same age of Modschtaba Khamenei and to specific audiences in the House of Khamenei an and go out. Here, discussed strategies to secure the power and special actions planned. Keschvari’s articles contain statements which are later reviewed by Ali Khamenei publicly, that the conclusion that it is Khamenei to guest and has permission to bring up certain topics.

His article move above all an ideological issue: Edalat. Edalat means equality. An equality which relates to the same poor treatment of disobedient citizens. The head of the racket Alireza Panahian, schoolmate Modschtaba Khamenei, also belongs to the “circle of the illustrious”. As competition between Ali Khamenei and Ahmadinejad have emerged that the service finished Panahian immediately took the floor for his Supreme Guide and the execution of Ahmadinejad’s 9, to indirectly he demanded a short time before its Bassij positively agreed.

Panahian occurs again and again as the leader of randalierender Bassij who violently and destructively engage individuals, embassies of other countries 10, or Whirling Dervishes. Also Panahian is among the winners of the protests on the streets and the following measures for securing power by Ali Khamenei. He was appointed to head of a think of of kind of tanks for universities 11. Liberty, equality, fraternity, the ideals of the French Revolution of 1789 are well known in their parolenhaften form.

CDU Bundestag Group

The CDU Bundestag Group yesterday visited the Haus der Jugend in barmen. The current status of the renovation work was discussed together with the employees of the building management at the tip Mr Dr. FIBS, the head of the House and representatives of the Barmer Bezirksver one. The architect, Professor Potter and Mr drivers, and Mr Lehn, Produktmanger of the GMW for the Haus der Jugend, described vividly the underway construction measures in the Haus der Jugend. “Bernhard Simon, Chairman of the CDU group: with the renovation of the House of the youth our town shows once more that we consistently use the means that we have to improve the quality of life in Wuppertal.” The renovation work in addition to the fire prevention measures include extensive renovation work, for example, the rooms of the Kunsthalle. Also, extensive energy-saving measures can be implemented from funds II of the Federal Government’s stimulus package. The total cost is approximately 3.4 million, of which 50% financed by the GMWs, 32% of urban resources and 18% from the Come Konkjunkturpaket II of the Federal Government. Before Visual evaluator are completed in the summer of 2010 work.. Other leaders such as Verizon Communications offer similar insights.