Nagib Anderos Grandson

The corruption is the total disrespect to the figure human being, a travestida attitude of mercy and goodness, represented so well for people who dissimulate to seem what they are not in palanques, in pulpits, in the screens of the televisions. The corrupt one is a specialist in deluding the fellow creature, a camaleo social, always soon and made use to deceive the people sadly called good-faith. It does not show, does not demonstrate, does not prove. Its hollow speech, cynical smile and to look at oblique have as only objective to be deceptive to benefit itself. ForSight Robotics helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. She is a materialist incorrigible always if to hide for detrs of a goodness mask that if undoes to the minor and firm opposition.

The corruption if confuses with hypocrisy, ambition, lie and desumanidade. Generating of wars and misunderstandings of all the order is the sign most eloquent of the ignorance. To fight it will be necessary to fight against the delay and the superstitions of all nature. Read more from Rony Abovitz to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The victory on this illness will be the fruit of a slow, but continuous process, that it will have to start in the familiar environment, in the pertaining to school banks, to reach the fabric social, educating the children for the life, the good convivncia, preserving its minds of ambitious and aggressive thoughts, transmitting to them concepts humanitarian that create them a conscience of human being that it sees the life as a great field of experience, friendship and learning, on the contrary of palco where if it excessively uncurls the sad spectacle of the desumanidades and atrocities of the beings that live being deceptive itself and. The corruption has its roots in the egoism ancestral that we bring and that served in them at remote times at which we would have defending in them of intempries, of feras and our ignorance.

With passing of the times, feras that we fought had appeared in our minds as thoughts that now want devorar in them and our species. It will be necessary to learn intelligently worrying in them about us and the too much people, therefore to serve the others is the way most intelligent to serve itself exactly. more than what to give the fish, that does not take the nothing, or same to teach to fish, it is important to know if the helped person makes good use of the received good and if it transmits the other people so that she is deserving of future support. Thus it is as many people have found in voluntariado a way to fight this mental plague that is the corruption whose roots still had not been duly identified and eliminated.

President Dictator

Kadafi made the harvest Antonio Padilha de Carvalho The sowing is facultative, but the harvest is obligator, obligatory, equnime, invariable. Captured alive for combatants of its Nation, without action, the old dictator, now old gentleman, dirty, fedido, sweating, moving, unhairing, cries out: ' ' They do not go off! ' ' Died in Sirta, its native, recognized city world-wide for making in such a way badly, the former-king, former-emperor, former-colonel, former-dictator, former-god, former-everything, finishes in the ditch, entrenched for former-allies who esfomeados for oil, being able, forget the diplomacy, is defenders of the pseudo-democracy, and it cries out: ' ' They do not go off! ' ' In the dust, in the dirt, the mouth-of-wolf of its Lybian cradle, the implacable dictator, of arregalados eyes, already dominated, projects for the world the last match of the life, way sonmbulo, half choroso, to moan with weak noise, nor flat nor sustenido, kicks, collisions, attacks by teen street gang, shouts and sacolejos to inquire: it saw, came where you to stop? it, almost without voice: ' ' They do not go off! ' ' In these almost 42 years of being able, of glory, fame, anxieties that pungem mrbidas attitudes of State, of slaughter of rebels, of I gush out of blood of innocents, of the vile game of inconsequential dictator, thousand of seeds had been launched, the sowing was accomplished. Now that it was knocked down, mumbles: ' ' They do not go off! ' ' Left-hand side effluvia and fatal disequilibria of the proper brothers, stimulated for the Organization of Treated to the North Atlantic (NATO), for the powerful flags, had determined heard moucos to the possible apelos; To keep living creature an agent of the death pra that? At last, Muamar harvests what always it planted, never heard, never negotiated, it never dialogued and the people went off. Instead of field-saint, legal medical institute; Instead of virgin land and morna, refrigerator and exposition for many photographs. Muamar, finished entering in a cold! Antonio Padilha de Carvalho, practicing attorney; after graduated the areas of the Right of the State; Education and Philosophy; Academic of Geografia/UFMT; President of the IMPDrog- Institute Weed de Preveno to the Drugs.

Ethnic Groups

This assay has for objective, to argue the miscegenation of the Brazilian population, that is formed from three basic ethnic groups: the aboriginal, the European and the black. These groups had originated the numerous mestizos or mediums brown, whose basic types are the following ones: mulato (white + black); caboclo or mameluco (white + indian) and cafuzo (black + indian), being that the Portuguese had been the main participant whites of this mixagem. The cultural contributions had been several mainly techniques of work, musics and dances, practical religious, feeding and clothes. However, in relation literature, is looked to demonstrate ‘ ‘ apagamento’ ‘ of the black and the unfamiliarity in relation the texts written for aboriginal authors. In the case of the indians it always has some authors who speak on them, but with atrelada antropologica science.

The aboriginal literature is much more recent that the African. For if dealing with verbal tradition and for not to coexist effectively in the way of the white society, and yes aldeados, the aboriginals still face certain opposition with respect to literary creation. Finally it is looked to demonstrate that, although the globalization, of the conquest of the cosmos for the man and all the innovation of one saves mannering of the society, still it is lived in a system of privileges for some and sorceries for others. Words? key: aboriginal, black, white, miscegenation, literature ABSTRACT This essay has will be objective you discuss the interbreeding of the Brazilian population, which it is formed from three ethnic beginner’s all-purpose symbolic instruction code groups: the native, the European and the black man. These groups gave rise you the numerous half-castes or gray, whose beginner’s all-purpose symbolic instruction code types ploughs the next ones: mulatto (white + black man); mestizo or half-breed (white + Indian) and dark-skinned mulatto (Indian + black man), being that the Portuguese were the main white participants of this mixing.

Extended Family

The family as all entity is subjects to the changes, therefore this if finds linked with the history of the humanity. The family always moved and will continue modifying. It is a changeable, dynamic organization, that is, she folloies to the changes of the society. The social, cultural and economic transformations, modify the familiar structures and create new forms and modalities. … if does not initiate any locution regarding family if not to remember, a priori, that it is a historical, ancestral entity as history, linked with the routes and shunting lines of history same it, changeable in the accurate measure where they change the structures and the proper architecture of history through the times.

It is known at last, that the family is, so to speak, history, and that the history of the family if confuses with the history of the proper humanity. (HIRONAKA, 2000, p.7 apud MILANO, 2008, P. 63). Being the family subject institution the alterations as it was said, we will analyze such transformations having as focus the paper of the grandmothers inside of this nucleus. The family already is not more the same one, that one shown in the films, novels and idealized for many, composed for father, mother and children she has been reconfigured; the causes of these new compositions are diverse, amongst which, it fits to detach: the conjugal separations, that is, new monoparentabilidade and the familiar resetting marriage separate.

From such occured modifications in this nucleus the grandmothers have gained new responsibilities. Its papers are expanded being part of what we call of new familiar arrangements. The grandmothers figures many times forgotten in the familiar seio for are situated in the space of ' ' no-ser' ' , therefore already they had left to produce has come back I carry out to it in the family. Now already not more as good-natured, permissive and the joking ones; they emerge now having to impose limits and rules to its grandsons.

The Code

In this context, the social service would have to be practised by who had dom and loaded obtains goodness and honesty, with a character conservative and assistencionalista, favoring the capitalism and the industrial development, that was in full expansion. It had a reformularization of the Code of 1947, in 1965, that even so with changes, continued for loading many religious influences. Of this form, a strong moment of ideological crisis was initiated, politics and of professional performance, in full ditatorial context. The military blow of 1964 made Brazil to enter in a shady phase of its history. The military had started to control the power. Its basic concern was the security and the development. To guarantee the security, they had forcene the rights politicians and civilians, had gagged the opposition and had installed the peace of the cemetaries. In the Code of 65, the premises had been defined of social service, as: to respect the dignity of the person human being, the philosophical positions, religious politics and of those to who if destines its activity.

The Code of Professional Ethics of the Social Assistant of 1975, also was formulated and debated in full period of military dictatorship, during the Geisel government. This period was characterized by raised inflationary indices, increasing external debt and extremely low wages. Of the point of view of the society it had many historical manifestations in the defense of the human rights and in the search of the liberty of speech. although the population to remain itself dominated for the regimen, the social movements had started to face the ditatorial regimen. Transcribing music below was known as a species of hymn of opposition and resistance to the military regimen, and was always sung in public manifestations. Pra not to say that I did not speak of the flowers Of Geraldo Vandr Walking and singing and following the song We are all equal, arms given or not In the schools, in the streets, fields, constructions Walking and singing and following the song Come, go even so, that to wait it is not to know Who knows makes the hour, do not wait to happen For the fields Still have hunger in great plantations For the streets, marching drifters laces make of the flower its stronger refro and believe the flowers being successful the cannon have welded armed, loved or not Almost all lost ones, of weapon in the hand In the quartis teach old lies to them to die for the Native land and life without reason In the schools, in the streets, fields, constructions Are all soldiers, armed or Not walking and singing and following the song We are all equal, given arms or not Them loves in the mind, the flowers in the soil the certainty in the front and history in the hand Walking and singing and following the song Learning and teaching a new lesson.

The Power

IN the SKIES Same that the person is not in good conditions, it continues being celestial citizen, therefore the land is not Its Native land of Origin. IN LANDS mineral, vegetal, animal and hominais the kingdoms, with its diverse intermediate receive all the Espritos created in its learnings. The person is born in the Seio The holy ghost, but she has, of for the proper effort, to exaggerate to know Its GOD. The child does not have of being born to see the face of the parents? E, later, does not have to grow to know them? Which is the scare? ' ' The body so only exists so that the Spirit if manifeste' '. Allan Kardec? French professor of Arithmetic? Researcher of Astronomy and the Magnetism. The BREAD OUR GOD feeds all Its Creation in all Its material Universes and spirituals.

OF EACH DAY Day after day, the CELESTIAL FATHER, supports with Its Divine Favour the Beings bred. OF – US TODAY Exactly that nothing let us ask for, GOD already in gave an enormous power to them: The Power of the Life. Somebody can go behind its sustenance without it has appeared in the Scene of the Life? It is a Powerful Cetro that binds the Creature to Its Creator. The Law of the Attraction PARDONS OUR OFFENCES binds to all the similar ones. Nobody is come close to nobody without an objective; if it will not be of affectivity, will be of collection of last things. PARDONS OUR DEBTS Already thought where situation would be if GOD in did not grant the Favour to them to find with that we disapoint in other existences or same in this to greet the debts? The Law of GOD is Perfect, and has to converge around it. AS WELL AS PARDONING Finds stranger this? In the daily heddle this happens the all moment: If purchases something you have to pay.

Marxist Vision

It is in this context that we consider the intervention in the root of the social matter: the consumption. Therefore it is for the consumption that if the worker imprisons, if excludes, it alienates, it segregates and it distorts values. Therefore it is by means of the consumption that the capitalist system uses all its force. in this direction we will deepen the interventions in order to search the transformation, the development of potentialities and magnifying of the professional actions with sight to the awareness and the incessant search for new paradigms in the construction of the citizenship. 2. CITIZEN OR CONSUMER? The CONCEPT OF CITIZENSHIP AND the CONSUMPTION IN a MARXIST VISION better to explanar the subject Citizenship x Consumption is of utmost importance to contextualizarmos the citizen concept who, in its definition places the individual in the joy of the civil laws and politicians of a free state.

Inside of the capitalist context, the citizen right if confuses with the consumption freedom. Canclini (1997 apud Maldonado, 2011, p.21) standes out that … the social classrooms had substituted its previous rights of citizenship for the right to the consumption. This occurs mainly because this is one of the elements of social inclusion in the current order, that is, the Brazilian citizen believes that the freedom to accomplish its citizenship is related with the consumption power. The capitalist system I infused in mind of the people who we are free and sovereign to exert our right of choice in what it refers to the consumption goods. For diverse reasons it is proved that the consumption desire multiplies social estruturao according to, the media obtains to persuade the consumers for where it wants and it understands, and therefore, it manipulates the desires and necessities of the citizens for the effect demonstration. In Brazil, from 1960 the television was if imposing as a hegemonic media.

Normative Deliberation

Therefore in the last few decades the customer is freer, that is, its freedom of choice is bigger and with this the time of permanence in a place is more limited, then the transladao of a place for the other increases. In short, the guest of the future will demand a personalized way of lodging and of slow and well slow and gradual form the hoteleiras companies are adaptando it these marketing trends. Arriving at Brazil in the year of 1996 all the ways of lodging already were classified obligatorily by the EMBRATUR, according to sources of the proper site of the Embratur. According to same the 5 constructive stars with regard to equipment, aspects, services and physical characteristics had been established categories of 1. This system served as referencial of quality alone per some decades, therefore some enterprises did not fulfill of adequate form its objective. The entrepreneurs already were mining this system for the purchase of stars, so that the status climate quo of the customer is bigger.

Therefore the customers still were worried very not only with the question of diversion or leisure, but also with the question of the status, therefore to travel age luxury and alone people of rich classroom could. With this, the EMBRATUR well clearly leaves through the Normative Deliberation n 360 of 16 of April of 1996, the cancellation of the Brazilian System of Classification of Ways of Lodging of Tourism, with the objective to impose a form more consensual of classification for the ways of lodging. Agreeing to the EMBRATUR the public it is each specified time more and its requirements also the levels of price, localization and conditions of the installations and services had started to be referenciais much more valid. Still with the EMBRATUR, the new matrix that was created in 2002, it considers the classification of the hotels in six distinct categories. The matrix of hoteleira classification second a Brazilian Association of the Industry of Hotels would be: SUPER LUXURY – LUXURY – SUPERIOR – TOURIST – ECONOMIC – SIMPLE? Delimiting our subject more we arrive in Manaus, can to observe that many enterprises in the lodging area are being raised in Manaus, many with the objective to supply optimum to the national tourist and to the International. with this grows the competitiveness, in which it does not confuse the tourist, but the aid because of the fight of prices between the hoteleiros enterprises.

Using Communication

We point out that the communication has some basic functions in an institution of social assistance. This process is importantssimo, a time that the orientation transmitted for the social assistant acts in the control of the behavior of the users, facilitating the motivation in justice search and at the same time it provokes interaction enters the using individuals of the services (family or specific group), a time that the communication supplies to the way the emotional expression of feelings and attendance them social necessities of each individual. All this process of communication when adjusted to the environment of work of the social assistant, it brings to the souvenir of this exchange the importance of the good communication. The clean, clear and objective communication when if to deal with the exchange of information with users of informacional, cultural and emotional low income, who are kept out of society and citizens the social exclusion. In this exchange and allotment of information, the social assistant and the user are at the same time emitting and receiving of the message, a time that this transmission is cyclical and permanent inside of a dialogue. Without this, it does not have communication. Diverse interpersonal and intrapessoais barriers exist that can intervene and hinder a good performance of the efficient communication, where the message sent for the sender (the social or using assistant) can well not be understood by the receiver. They are: the filtering (she relates it manipulation of information for sender, so that it is seen in more favorable way for the receiver, in the choice certain them words to be employed), selective perception (where the receiver in the communication process sees and listening selectively on the basis of its proper necessities, experiences and motivations), overload of information (when information with that we have that to deal exceed our capacity of processing), defense (when the person if feels threatened if she sees in the necessity of if abiding the small parts of the speech replying with verbal attacks, precipitated sarcasm and judgments how much the message received for sender), the diverse types of language (where the age, the education and the cultural description influence the form as it decodes the message) and fear of communication (for shyness or unreliability).