Farmville Farm

Like the social network Facebook is destined to increase the number of friendships that we have in our circle, the game of virtual farms farmville does not differ in its form of operation and the key of the success resides in increasing them so that you can maintain your favorable condition in the game. As more neighbors and friendly we pruned to have, our goals in the game will be easier to reach and we will be able in form simpler to develop our abilities in the platform, since the benefits to have this type of contacts are many, reason why we will teach several tricks to you for friendly of the farm. One of the great advantages that we can have with our neighbors farmville is that an important entrance of currencies can mean us to obtain that our farm grows in form and simultaneously to use part of those currencies in investments that give to major amount us of points. Also, to greater amount of neighbors majors they will be chances of being able to obtain gifts in material goods to build or different animal that you can maintain and soon to obtain a yield with its productions stop the farm, thus we will have more chances of agenciar advantages and power to us to adopt animal since to our they will be able to put it neighbors like publications in the wall. Also when you have great number of friendly they can ayudarte with some of the tasks that you must realise, from the constructions of buildings to the moments of the harvests, so that the maintenance of your farm will simplify and have minor cost. One is not due to let pass that the neighbors farmville who we have will smooth the land to us to be able to obtain ribbons or tapes as by case the tape of Good Samaritano or Good Samaritan that will obtain aiding friendships, reason why whatever more friendly comprise of our network we have opportunity more to help.