The Greeks

Trading Station (empo-theory), city policies, about 480 bc – Bosporus kingdom. The Greeks brought to shore Black and Azov seas of ancient civilization with all its features and achievements, his knowledge, skill, sense of beauty, helping revive the trade, the development of seafaring craft – pottery, jewelry, weapons, fisheries, agriculture, and flourishing arts. In turn, the tribes had an impact on Greek culture. This wonderful union Greeks and peoples of the then Oecumene spawned sunny unfathomable beauty (found in the tombs of the Bosporus jewelry made of gold and silver unique). Product of the Bosporus masters adorn the collections of major museums in the country. The flowering of the ancient city-states – the swan song of Taman.

"It coats light flashed, wound the vine, heard laughter and the sound of sandals, two millennia ago." A brilliant list of cities, mysterious and beautiful as music of the spheres – Hermonassa, Phanagoria, Ahilleyon, Apatur, Patras, Tiramba And one of the first – Kepy, famous not only for its gardens that gave the city its name, but the fact that it lived grandfather and mother was born the famous Greek orator Demosthenes. Almost a millennium seething life in the ancient cities. Unable to withstand the devastating raids of the Huns in the second half of iv century they had disappeared forever. Overgrown ruins of magnificent palaces, covered with ashes and dust, and only the land secrecy of past greatness, shuddering under the hoofs of horses of the nomadic tribes – the Bulgarians, .