Supreme English Cut

The ONU creates legal privileges to the classroom gayQuerendo to establish new concepts to the legal system for the optics gay, the ONU is creating legal privileges and disqualifying other social classrooms. Everything simply because they had decided to find that the effective laws, of protection to the person, they are not enougher and good the sufficient one for protection of the homosexuals. They want something more specific for them. Soon we will have other classrooms fighting for personalized rights. With this, they are elitizando the homossexualidade, granting they an extraordinary legal benefit, to the step where they remove the right of other classrooms, mainly in what she refers to the right of the liberty of speech. Curses caused for the new goals of the resulted ONUComo of these mental escarros, we will have: – the proliferation of alarming promiscuity and of the immorality and levels; – the increase of the pedofilia (since the country will have that to keep silent when its children will be boarded for homosexuals); – the degeneration of the character of the human being if it will aggravate still more; – the breaking and the loss of the rights of the normal citizen that, until here, were disciplined by impartial laws; – the desconstruo of the national judiciary system; The normal one now is to be abnormalDaqui pra front, according to new mentality predominant in some jurisprudenciais sectors (of the Supreme English Cut), the normal citizens more will not be considered apt to take care of, to create and to educate adoptive or adopted children. Moreover, the normal citizen is for losing the right to reveal opinion against everything this, simply because its rights of liberty of speech also are being annulled for the Courts of England, guided for the ONU.

East Church

Thus, the place of the true ones vocacionados is taken. This generates innumerable conflicts, confusions and delays in the development of the workmanship Mr. 5) Egoism. The malignant sensation that the entire world must turn around its person, including the church. 6) Pride. Some see the others as inferior beings and if they see as inheriting of all the administration natural of businesses Mr. 7) Petulance. This problem is generated probably by the accumulation of wealth and culture.

Ditrefes could be a rich member of the church of Gaio, or one of the many scholars of the East at that time. The arrogant one sees the money the power and the culture, as conquests. It feels ' ' pena' ' of that high accomplishments had not obtained to reach its. 8) Feeling of Inferiority. It will be this possible one? Yes. The fear of being unloaded for an inferior position, motivated for what he himself believes its proper respect, generates a contrary reaction takes that it to knock down all opposition, to place itself in ascension and has detached. It is not of if admiring that many rickety baixinhos and/or if had become great generals, great leaders and until emperors and presidents.

9) satanic Instrumentalidade. We conclude these thoughts saying that the church Mr. Jesus Christ does not have to support these false cristos and false prophets (TM 24,24), nor these false brothers (2 11,26 Co and Gl 2,4), nor the false doctors (2 Foot 2,1), therefore they will only bring problems for the people of God. The church has that well to be instructed in order to identify and to annul this problem in its seio. The brothers in accordance with have that to be instructed the Spirit that was in the church of Antioquia. There they were serving the Mr., men who were prophet and doctors, but they had been patiently waiting until, one day, said the Espirito Santo: ' ' You separate me it Barnab and the Saulo for the workmanship the one I have that them chamado' ' At 13,1, 2. Thus the dangerous syndrome of the primate will only be eliminated of the seio of the people of God.

Perpetual Life

When Jesus was looked by a rich young, desirous in inheriting the Perpetual Life, moment where he demonstrated to it the way to you to reach it, having the man, first, to disentail of all its wealth and – there to the poor persons, as evidence of exchange of the corruptvel treasure, in the Land, for the Incorruptible Treasure, in Sky (1Pd.1: 4); the young, sorry of the words of Jesus, left sad, because possua many goods. ' ' Then Jesus, looking in redor, said its disciples: Quo hardly will enter in the kingdom of God the ones that have wealth! (…) A camel Is more easy to pass for the deep one of a needle, of what to enter a rich one in the kingdom of God. With this they had been excessively astonished, saying between itself: WHO CAN, THEN, BE SAVED? ' ' (Mc.10: 23,25,26) The questions: ' ' SIR, ARE POUCOS THE ONES THAT IF THEY SAVE? ' ' (Lc.13: 23) and ' ' WHO CAN, THEN, BE SAVED? ' ' (Mc.10: 26), exactly disclose the difficulties that the Jews had in understanding the mystery of the Favour in the Salvfico Plan de Deus. Still under the mosaica law, therefore that this is not annulled, and yes established (Rm.3: 31), the Jews, who RESTED in the law (Rm.2: 17), did not understand that the law is impotent to save, but lead the Christ and to the faith (Gl.3: 24). Sage of the difficulties of the men, ' ' Jesus, fixing the eyes in them, it answered: FOR THE MEN IT IS IMPOSSIBLE, BUT IT DOES NOT STOP GOD; BECAUSE FOR GOD EVERYTHING IS POSSVEL.' ' (Mc.10: 27) FOR THE MEN IT IS IMPOSSIBLE Yes, for the men the Salvation is impossible, because to even desire it they is incapable. This exactly, the man, of so needy that it is (Rm.7: 24), do not have at least will of being saved; it is incapable, by itself, to desire the Salvation Perpetual, fitting then the God to produce in the man this fondness: ' ' Because God is what he operates in you the fondness in such a way as effecting, according to its good will.


FEAR the life here in the land and passenger. The life here and shortness. We come back here in this planet to repair the errors of other existences. We come back here to learn and to evolve. To love. To support. To guide.

To pardon. to help. Many times we lose the way we desvirtuamos in them of the day. The life here and expiatria and evolutiva and transcendente. The fear that appears in elapsing of this existence and proceeding from other existences.

Many of them scare in them desvirtuam in them, hinder in them of the way. The fears of the failures, to make a mistake and not to obtain limit in them. The fear to move to exceed to evolve in them distresses the soul. It torments us the spirit, it makes in them to feel weak and inapt to progress. The fear that we bring with us and pra not to estagnar and yes, guiding in, we to show them cominho. The life and a ticket. We live with fear. We live with anger. We live with great power We live wanting more wealth, but social status. We live wanting to be able. We live more wanting more and. Forgetting itself that We must love We must pardon We must help We must be we will cearemos of God We must correct and support. We must be benevolent to have, but pra to give of what to receive. We must have more time to hug to smile to love to see the life as well as it if it presents. We must have the time to be happy. To assist to be patient. To learn and to help. We will only be able to see this beauty when to look at with the eyes of the soul. When we will be able to see beyond what we want and we desire.

Sacred Holy Writs

What he is ' ' tempo' '? Seno, a dimension justified for the conscience human being ' ' absurdo' ' , something that sails against the tide of the reason. The time is a conscience and God, a nonsense. It is not pra to be ' ' provado' ' that it exists, before must be proven in the existence as love. You may want to visit Gary Kelly to increase your knowledge. While that one will be the way of the faith, the Theology will be always submissa to the logic, the time, the space and God always will be reduced to size of the considered doctrinal body, that however is more fool, and however, less fool (depending on the researcher), but that in the maximum it says some interesting thing and generally creates a system of proper sacrifices, a time that if &#039 affirms; ' moral' ' as a predicate or attribute of God and the human sacrifice as essential and pleasant to the salvation. ' ' There already he was ' ' as a friend says mine! The worse of everything this, is not the mapping of God, and yes, of the hell! I say this, because it has people that it knows so well devil, that got of it the permission to take a walk for the worse places that exist, as much is, they describe that them very well. To only think: Vocs finds that one to be (the man) that it does not know nor itself exactly can mapear the things of the high one, therefore, celestial? It is clearly that not! The Apstolo Pablo reflected very concerning itself exactly, but when he was about God it said: ' ' As the wealth of God are great! As its knowledge and its wisdom are deep! Who can explain its decisions? Who can understand its plans? As the Sacred Holy Writs say: Who can know the mind Mr.? Who is capable of giving advice to it? Who already gave to some thing the God to receive from it some payment? ' '. Then, God does not need ' ' mapeamento' ' nor of ' ' Teologia' ' pra to be known (it can until using any mechanism), it even talks with ' ' loucos' ' uses a proper language. The good one exactly is not ' ' to esquentar cuca' ' to live today with everything what it is offered in them, with much vigor and passion, therefore the conscience shortened the time, therefore I have haste in living Tomorrow it will come and everything will be new, therefore the skies and the land will pass, but the Word of God, as promise, never will pass. We will live and know in fact, that It is you; not, however, as ' ' Teologia' ' the wisdom human being, but as its Goodness and Majesty, still unknown for us. Peace!

King Nabucodonossor

It was accurately this what the Nabucodonossor happened. After as much power and wealth it started if to deviate from the ways of God; drop d? water was when it made a gold image of another god, and compelled that they adored it to all: ' ' King Nabucodonossor made a gold image He raised it in the field of Hard, the province of Babilnia Any that not to prostrar themselves and not to adore will be, in the same instant, launched in the fire furnace ardente.' ' (Dn 3:1,6) At this moment God he pardons Israel and he repents yourself of the evil that made to it: ' ' Thus you says, God of Israel: If to remain in this land, then I will build, you and I will not throw down you; because I am sorry of the evil I have that you feito.' ' (Jr 42:9 – 11). God, then, announces the destruction of Babilnia: ' ' Here it is now he comes a troop of men, knights of two the two. Then, raised voice said it: It fell, fell Babilnia; all the images of sculpture of its deuses lie torn into pieces for terra.' ' (Is 21:9 – 10) ' ' You in sequence put you of battle in redor against Babilnia, all you who manejais the arc; you shoot to it, you do not save the arrows; because it sinned against Mr. Therefore, thus you of the Armies, the God of Israel says: Here it is that I will punish the king of Babilnia and its land ' ' (Jr 50:14,18) However, God deeply lamented to have that to make this: ' ' Babilnia was a gold cup in the hand Mr., which inebriated to all the land; of its wine they had drunk the nations; therefore, they had gone crazy. Suddenly, Babilnia fell and was ruined; you lament for it, you take balsam for its wound; porventura will sarar.

Protestant Reformation

With a old-testamentary vocabulary ' pastores' ' apstolos' they use triunfalistas and meritocrticas words as victory, revenge, fight, war, curse etc to manipulate and ' encabrestar' the great mass. The theology of the prosperity has invaded the hearts of people that they simply aim at the profit and personal well-being, forgetting them, sick them, them poor widowers, kept out of society them. What we attend are, literally, sections of I unload, powerful super conjuncts in search of miraculosas cures. The hymns that are entoados in the churches possess less cristocntricas and more anthropocentric letters each time, where the main objective is to massagear the ego of ' ' fiis' ' , promising to seven times more, folded blessings, restitutions, cures, miracles, to move supernatural, ' ' to move with its estrutura' '. Meetings where we see (we hear) much ' ' zoada' ' , but little, or none, to move of the Espirito Santo.

Yes, therefore, sincerely, I do not obtain to believe a fake espiritualidade where the person passes two hours crying out, ' ' glorificando' ' , ' ' saying in languages estranhas' ' later, still in the door of the church, is speaking of the other people’s life and esculachando the regent of the set of ladies that would be singing very badly. Allegro me it perceiving that, to the few, some people have left to follow the ideas insane people of leaders and mega-stars of the world gospel (malafaias, macedos, valdemiros, you will sound, valades, terranovas). Already people worried in nailing the Christ exist, and as its favour is enough in them in everything, and that it does not have necessity some to search, to wait, not even to ask for, material acquisitions, or wealth. We cannot forgetting in them that the main motto of the Protestant Reformation, of Lutero, was ' ' remodelled church, always reformando' '.

The Alert

The reply? Simple E! To grow in the favour and the knowledge, it demands determination, it resigns, effort, much search of God, many research, to be able to leave the superficiality and to dive deeper where meets the biggest wealth of the revelations of God. The profile of that they take a superficial life Christian not demands them effort, therefore they themselves had opted to this type of behavior. They are not assduos to the worship cults the God, cult of conjunct and a rarity they to participate, sunday Biblical school! In the call notebook they have more absence of what frequencies know little or almost nothing on the basic doctrines of the Bible. Larry Ellison is often quoted on this topic. Know why they have that to die for this life of Christian superficiality? accurately because of what God speaks concerning of them, observes the versicle that if follows. Hb 5:11 On this we have much that to say, but difficult interpretation, inasmuch as you became delayed in ouvir.12 Because, having already to be masters for the time, still you need that if you it becomes to teach the elementary principles of the oracles of God, and you have become such that you need milk, and not of solid food. Loved (a) it dies (life style) for this life without favour that you this living inside of the Christianity for taking a superficial life where you always need to be taught and never have nothing to teach to the others for lacking to devotion spiritual to it, in the truth the alert one of God in the above-mentioned versicle and that many for the Christianity time that has, already were for having knowledge the sufficient to be master, but for the fact not to go deep the Biblical truths still need to be treat as a new converted. It changes your position already, it dies for this life of superficiality and deeper diving in the Biblical reading, the conjunct, the sunday Biblical school, the carried through study Biblical in the temple where you congregate and thus God goes to use to it powerfully.

Find Your Strength Within

Christianity says that the love that Jesus gives you is great and true. He loves you since before you were born, your love is like a river that never stops, never dry, always abundant, for Jesus does not matter what you do, say or think, for EL nothing can be as bad as to withdraw his immense love he feels for you, because Jesus will not impose conditions for the ever AMARTE remain by your side. Do not be afraid to end his love, because He loves you just as you and your love is endless loving God because your life and one of his promises is. WE have known and believed the love God has for us. GOD IS LOVE, and he who abides in love abides in God, and God in him. 1 JOHN 4:16. Just as this promise there are many in the Holy Bible.

Jesus knows your weaknesses, your sorrows and anxieties of all that is in your heart, know your strengths and gifts and everything that bothers you about yourself, what makes you angry and he had not mastered strengths and weaknesses of your life, when you feel less than others and have negative thoughts about yourself and you are ashamed and you Jesus knows all that discourages yet LOVES YOU! His love is manifest in every moment of joy and happiness and every time you provide for your needs. Every time someone gives you love, encouragement and affection is a demonstration that Jesus has for you. Also when you go to bed at night tired and exhausted from work and find pleasant rest that renews your body and spirit is also a manifestation of Jesus’ love for you. In every thing you learn in your life and brings joy to your heart rest your spirit and comfort to your body is the greatest manifestation of love of Jesus. His love will never let you down because you’ve spent time with happiness at his side and never give up, nothing can quench love you have and which grows every day more and more for you. Jesus constantly and endlessly pours his love, because the current of his love in your life is always free and plentiful, the desire to have part in his love, in all its wealth, its beauty, its power and glory, because He loves you with an everlasting love.