Decrease Menstrual Cramps

Strong abdominal discomfort, back pain and headaches that can turn into migraines, irritability, fluid retention and a sustained sense of physical and psychological distress are just some of the symptoms that women who have suffered severe menstrual pain. For some patients these pains last few hours, but others suffer from them for days longer than the bed, no minimum or strength to do any other activity that is not expected to pass them pain. And for an independent woman who studies, works and / or take care of your family and loved ones, these days can turn into a nightmare. That's why for all those women who want to reduce the intensity of their menstrual pain without using medications that can have side effects, we recommend you try a few sessions so you can get a deep relaxation of sensitive areas and restore balance hormone. Period pain affects the majority of working women and for a few, these complaints are impede function in their homes, jobs and studies and normal activities for several days of the menstrual cycle. This pain usually begin several days prior to or just when it begins the period of women, often become less distracting as the bleeding decreased, and although a certain degree of pain is normal, excessive pain, also known as dysmenorrhea, it is not.

We remind you that there are two types of primary dysmenorrhea, which takes place before the menstrual period in healthy women, and the secondary, which takes place after the period and may be related to problems of the uterus, endometriosis, fibroids, copper IUD ovarian cysts, premenstrual syndrome, sexually transmitted diseases, stress and / or anxiety. That's why women need to know that any prolonged or repeated abnormal menstruation, including delays of more than a week, requiring a gynecological visit. The Foot reflexology is an effective alternative for treating the most common variety of menstrual disorders such as be the absence of menstruation amenorrhea, menorrhagia, profuse menstruation, ovarian cysts and some injuries of female reproductive system. In addition, the application of the therapy in a systematic reflexological helps women to standardize and regulate the menstrual cycle. So, naturally, and better yet if the treatment is accompanied with a healthy diet and relaxation exercises, women who opt for this type of therapy can not fully enjoy their days least expected.