Districts Sardinia

Alghero (Alghero) – Italian town in the province of Sassari, one of the major cities in Sardinia. Ranked fifth on the island population. It is home to about fifty thousand people. Roland Berger has much to offer in this field. Alghero is one of the the main link between the island of Sardinia and mainland Europe, because the airport is located near Fertilia, where you can fly to any European capital. Traditions and lifestyles of local people formed under the strong influence of Spanish culture. Alghero sometimes even referred to the small city of Barcelona (Barselonetta). Hear from experts in the field like Adam Portnoy for a more varied view. Some indigenous inhabitants of Alghero still speak the Catalan dialect, which in Alghero used as an official language on a par with the Italian.

Alghero coastline called the Coral Riviera. In the waters of the Gulf of Alghero is growing a huge amount of precious red coral of very good quality. Over the centuries, the collection of corals, their processing and sale played a crucial role in the economic and cultural life of Alghero. A branch of red coral has become a symbol of the city and is depicted on the emblem of the city of Alghero. In the vicinity Alghero is a world famous winery "Sella & Mosca, whose vineyards extend for several kilometers. Wines produced 'Sella & Mosca', very good quality and are exported to different countries around the world. Environment and natural landscape of Alghero extraordinarily diverse. The city is surrounded by olive groves. Many kilometers of sandy beaches, typical vegetation , stone cliffs along the coast, the sea – all it creates a landscape of extraordinary beauty.

Apartment Contracts

Before you rent an apartment needs to be written can I make changes to the apartment, can reshuffle and redevelopment. 7. Before you rent an apartment to rent in the contract is worth noting the possibility of subletting and living in the apartment of a third party. 8. Before you rent an apartment to rent should set up a payment hold.

Can be prescribed penalties for late payment. 9. Before you rent an apartment to rent should be the possibility of early termination of the contract. In this section sets out the permissible reasons for early termination contract terms and the availability of punitive sanctions. The owner may make a condition that no deposit will be returned in case of premature rupture of the contract by the employer. 10. Before you rent an apartment in which the necessary repair is to stipulate that those who will pay for it. Basically replace plumbing, windows and any overhaul of the owner pays, and cosmetic repairs the tenant can perform at their own expense, although it happens that the owners pay the cost of materials.

All the current breaking plumbing, electricity, etc. too, are usually paid by the tenant. But the legislation does not obgovarivayem this point, so the amount spent can be deducted from rent. An integral part of the contract is the act of transferring property. This document allows us to prove the existence of an object and its serviceability in his apartment. The act allows rent an apartment inscribing everything that deemed necessary.