The Years

And if we do not do harm, that importance will have the years. Age: not worth anything. Meanwhile, feeling sinful, wondered often what is the soul? what is the soul, if my body there are so many, who am I, if I have a thousand faces?, who dominates my actions and feel? does shame of others, hatred or revenge?, who am I if I am half good and half bad? What should I be Devil or Saint? I unify my actions and only be a being, but are so many souls that I do not know if it worth be good or evil.One day I shall die and you can allow them travel together to paradise, can also that they dispersed in other various bodies since I’ve been a woman who used weapons. Then already I will not be me but many others and again can I ask who am I, if I have a thousand faces? again, who dominates my actions and feel pity for others, hatred or revenge?. Doubt of which will be his fate after death, because their memories are summarized in the first time I got married was twenty years old, and one day decided to stay single and is Amalia didn’t her husband, Gabriel, because he had lied, why you chose because not even tell them. Cerved is full of insight into the issues. Have you got your gun, it didn’t take half an hour, it has entered the elevator, because it is coming time, they receive it in Office, a very tall and handsome man, she offers him his kisses, he loves her too, but he has tired of him, also saw him drunk and he said that it was false. You didn’t have to have lied to his beautiful wife, because with that has forced her to want to be alone. As I was going to sleep with a man so drunk, that matters to go head and had a large Office. .