The Spanish Crown

Some of these reached considerable extension and in them the graceful had full right of property, could convey them to his heirs indefinitely, sell them or donate them. Colonial trade: The system of fleets and Galleons: the Commerce of Spain in America was established on the basis of a strong monopoly. Since the metropolis all the goods that the inhabitants of the consumed is shipped to the new world and only the Spaniards could make that trade. One of the first steps taken by the Crown to ensure the monopoly, was the creation in 1503 the Casa de contratacion, organism that was intended to centralize all activities related to American trade. Another step was the prohibition that the Spanish trade ships sail alone; Thereafter they should do so in fleets, protected by great convoys of ships of war.

Finally, the trade monopoly was delivered exclusively to a single Spanish city: Seville. This system well organized should become a reality through the navigation of the fleets. There were two who did trade with America, the call of the New Spain, which moored in Veracruz, and the Portobelo which ended its navigation at that point. There where the ships putting large fairs, where there American traders to exchange their products were made. This system absolutely affected all products, because the freight was expensive and taxes of customs in each country did so even more onerous. At the beginning of the 18th century, and as a result of the endless European wars in Spain took part, fleets and Galleons system was in full decline. Spain had no warships that could protect to vessels and these were prey to daring Corsairs and Pirates of the Caribbean, which infested seas.

The decline of the system made crisis when in the early years of the 18th century, the Spanish Squadron was annihilated and the English, in a daring coup, seized Portobelo. The Spanish Crown should find new methods of trade that allowed an opening of direct trade between Spain and America. On the other hand, the demand for products from America was very badly paid by fleets, which also began arriving in shape so gappy that they became truly useless. On the other hand, the appearance of other commercial forms will alter the monopoly of Spain.