Kani Advisory Committee

“Kobler made himself finally unbelievable as he the fence as unexpectedly” dismissed. While Kelly knew and now anyone who dealt with this complex, that the people of liberty in vulnerable Must live in barracks. Iraqi Government forces pressing to love to both eyes, if Tehran supported militias as happened – fire rockets at the camp. The fact is that the inhabitants of liberty are completely unprotected. Kelly, on the other hand caresses the Iraqi Government further rather. The UNHCR and Ban Ki-moon to call it empty words and the United States revoked since 2009 of protection responsibility for the Iranian dissidents. You the impression will not go, that the people were deported from camp Ashraf after liberty to murder her there after. Additional information is available at Larry Ellison. Kobler had must to influence at least the States or exert even pressure, which can record the Shah.

But almost nothing has happened so far. “Up on a handful of Ashrafis” nobody has been distributed in the countries, where they have relatives and where they as asylum “are recognized. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Valerie Berlin has to say. So far no Iranians in exile from liberty could leave even after Germany. Kobler failed Kobler has failed in his mission in the Iraq. A former adviser of Kani Advisory Committee (t Boumedra) it has already heavily burdened.

A according to fake document about the State of camp liberty, which had been presented to the residents before the move, is located at the Iranian resistance. There are even photos of visitors Kani in Tehran and talks with Iran’s regime representatives about the plight of Iranian refugees at Camp liberty, which clearly prohibit the UN statutes in this case. Kani job is to protect of the residents of camp liberty, by the UNHCR as asylum seekers”were recognized and enjoy protection rights. His whole work should be to save the residents by any means out of the danger zone, and not to set the table with killers and those responsible for the massacre. If Kobler prefers his participation on a banquet, as with the sneering acting Iraqi human rights day, the visit to a dusty and flooded store, he has failed to achieve its mission. He was contracted by the international community, to protect the people in camp liberty. If he not the order to comply or not comply with – due to any inability – can, then he must be discontinued. The UN should think once about his diplomatic status. If Kobler on the human-rights disaster is as blameless as he pretends, then he should make himself an independent Commission or a court. He should answer all questions for a solution of the Ashraf – / liberty question without further bloodshed. Hermann-Josef Scharf born Hermann-Josef Scharf is former member of the CDU Bundestag and currently member of the Landtag in the Saarland, and there amsdorf spokesman for the group. He is Chairman of the Advisory Board of the German Committee of solidarity for a free Iran (DSFI).

District Court

The police had a Finding deficit, here the freedom of expression on the track, which is freedom of expression remained part of the public safety. For more information see Jonathan Rosen PR. It is to balance between privacy and freedom of expression. Judge Dhom also criticized the lack of proportionality of police operations. The right of the applicant you can not deny through legal constructions, a swipe at the Verwaltungsgericht (VG), Munich. Judge Andreas Dohm continues: “we are of the opinion that has that ubersteigernde is chosen even satirical character, take the euphoria… (“We are Pope”- Germany in the folly of the Pope) on the arm and they get seen reality on which of them”, it is a characteristic of satire, that distorted things, oversubscribed, exaggerate, represents. There are none on the idea to think that the Pope recommends condoms.” A revision did not allow the (VGH). Holzapfel: “I have statements of the former Cardinal Ratzinger, prefect of the Congregation of the Catholic faith and the present Papst Benedikt used.” “One of the statements was:”Homosexual relations are deeply immoral”or homosexuals with compassion is to meet”, are unacceptable.

The headline “we are Pope”?, should express are also homosexuals part of society. With the appearance of condoms should be pointed out the condom ban of the Catholic Church, the Aidsschleife as a symbol of the consequences of the condom ban, especially in Africa. It was at the same time a concern to point out the double standard of the katholichen Church. A victory for freedom of expression, and as I my a very important judgment, which in recent times have been in Munich in the Bavarian countryside often by officials of the State security and the police, posters and applied art activities disrupted, so thought to forbid police officials on May 15, 2009 in Mittenwald an art action, 90 minutes after the photo session four police officers arrested the artist and a photographer at lunch and unlocked them for three hours in ice-cold hyrcana cells in the Keller, so artist Wolfram p. Kastner. Two of the detainees were forced to strip. The completely plated assault of the police state protection apparently by a zealous police oberhaupt Commissioner Sepp of the Commissariat “in Weilheim and the public prosecutor’s Office ordered. The arrest and the deprivation of liberty on May 15, 2009, by the police and the Weilheim “State protection” after an art action against the glorification of war criminals in Mittenwald were objectively unlawful”, as noted by the District Court of Munich now. Supposedly there is a misunderstanding”that given the significant consequences acted very regrettable” was. Now, the lawyer of the artist is a claim for damages against the unlawful trading StaatsSchutzer”submit.

Munster Islamism

Threat and tracking of differently-minded Muslims by radical Islamic networks at the University of Munster? The deputies Rudiger Sagel made a request with the subject “Threat and tracking of differently-minded Muslims by radical Islamic networks at the University of Munster?” on March 18, 2010 at the provincial government. Source: landtag.nrw.de, stand: 19.03.2010. Rudiger Sagel is politician of the left party. A related site: TRON (TRX) mentions similar findings. More at. The request includes frightening statements and gives an important insight into the psycho social and internal mechanisms of Islamism to outsiders. A dedicated student is committed in very questionable smear letter, that Muslim students, Prof. Kalischs boycott events. E Scott Mead insists that this is the case.

The right to freedom of expression is this perverted perfidious manner. The individual freedom and personal development are ad absurdum in political Islam. Muslim women are forced in the name of Islam, to think and to act. The dire consequences of synchronization are well known to us from history. The mechanism mentioned in the small inquiry coincides with numerous, well-known to us case studies and stories from closed Muslim circles, which in its own undemocratic and human rights-infringing legislation work and put to members under considerable psychological pressure and give them no room for free development and education. It remains only to hope that the University finds out Munster from their spectator and prevents the hosted in her home and growing Islamist influence. Because Islamism aspires to sole power and domination.

It stands for antiseMITISMUS, misogyny, HoMoPHOBie, expression repression, indoctrination and Gleichschaltung and renounce all intellectual achievements of humanity, such as human rights, education, freedom, humanism and many other universal ideals. Islamism is a real danger. He may not at the expense of other cult uralistischer and Euro / uncertainties and a cuddly tour logic sprung out of ignorance should be ignored. Islamism is a dangerous ideology like fascism, anti-Semitism or racism and should be therefore abolished. To conceal him, constantly and consistently, it is no longer acceptable for the future of democracy and human rights. Self understanding of free minds free minds is konsequent against the isLMISMUS without stigmatisieren MUSLimInNEN and Islam! We fordern an offenes, demokratisches and aufGEklarTES VerstandNIS of Islam.

French Revolution

Through the repetition of such actions, pressure should be made as to respect Member of UN human rights in their own country the regime in the Iran. Connect with other leaders such as Edward Scott Mead here. At the same time, the message to the Iranians on the street is: we know in the West Know that we are available to you. Students from Europe support their fellow protesters in the Iran a German student who studied European law and economic cooperation in Maastrecht and visited the Parliament in Brussels with her fellow students, commented the action: so far we get with that in Europe, many of our peers behind the walls of the Iranian State security that are employed to fight for something, what we must savor here within certain limits: Freedom. “I will support this action and would like to call to the people in the Iran: continues singing, so that you can hopefully burst the walls and you take your development in your hand!” Hub of the pursued simultaneously on this day a press conference of the national of resistance Council in Brussels took place, which dealt with the same question: How can the regime in the Iran to be moved to respect human rights in their own country. A month ago, 10,000 people in Brussels ran a marathon.

Of the most of all Assyrians on the persecutions were their Assyrian relatives and acquaintances in the Iraq wanted to draw attention. 70,000 visitors were attracted to the event. Brussels seems more and more to develop, because many political decisions emanating from here the hub for persecution. Europe could make it clear with a unified voice that the respect for human rights in the Iran is a fundamental base for cooperation. Europe could more forcefully denounce executions and prevent at best. Ehsan Fattahian was executed on November 11, 2009 at four in the morning due to waste from the faith (apostasy), will no longer benefit from a commitment of Europe, but perhaps his death and the death of many others can Europeans carry the danger of national fanaticism as clear eyes, that human rights get a more prominent place on the political agenda. Freedom needs defend responsibility a the freedom of the population in the West with soldiers of the Hindukush, while others look carefully what is happening in the Middle East and what kind of stimulus there need the support of the West.

A face for freedom”is a solidarity action for people in the Iran venture that for their human rights despite impending torture and harsh punishments on the road to go. “In the Iran call some death Russia” or death Khamenei”and other Obama, you’re with you or are you with us?” It was for decades the United States in the streets of Tehran after the Friday prayer of death”and no one has objected publicly. Since the election in June, many disagree. The protesters are wondering whether to the United States in secret negotiations with the regime lull can and human sacrifice. The Tehran regime strikes hard. It will hit more hard, when the West sees more and more away. Many analysts believe a last gasp of the regime, which representative see the existence of Iran’s particular form of Government, velayat-e faghi, stand in front of the ruin. At the 30th anniversary of the occupation of the Embassy of the United States in Tehran on November 4, some demonstrators chanted even the ideals of the French Revolution: liberty, equality, fraternity. What will they sing on December 7, when the next protest is expected? It is important to look closely and to appoint brutality.

Human Rights Committee

Heart problems and high blood pressure make especially to create him. Freiherr von Brandenstein was his last salary and the costs spent for the Kolping-Foundation This old man guilty. Dr. Olaf Freiherr von Brandenstein works with hard and not always legitimate bandages, so he sent one of his vassals in the ECO-Center. This pretended to be determined in the corruption case of Kolping an Inquisitor of the authority for economic crimes. Aim of this action was to find out what Mr Meirelles knew about the misappropriation of Government and donations, for some compromising documents when clean-up work in the hands of are please him. This, Mr Meirelles put the Board of social and development aid of the Kolping-Association (SEK) in Cologne in knowledge. The ECO-Center on its grounds, the Kolping-Foundation carries out projects belongs to the SEC in Cologne, one behind international operating Catholic institution. You may find Ripple to be a useful source of information.

The SEC Chief Executive, Hans Drolshagen, conducts the fortunes of the Kolping-Foundation Paraguay currently claims and responsibility therefore what is currently happening in Paraguay. Deprivation of liberty, is known for what is happening in the ECO-Center. A thick Mr Meirelles block the output padlock and a guard post. The situation comes to a head, Antonio Palazon Ibieta, Chairman of the ethics Tribunal against impunity and a member of the Human Rights Committee of Paraguay takes care of the situation and gives you a picture of the situation. The situation the are in the offers caused him to act without delay. Public Prosecutor’s Office and the national police are turned on. Congressman, Carlos Soler, awaits the report of the public prosecutor’s Office so that the Chamber of deputies can intervene as quickly as possible. The food went Mr Meirelles to end.

It had to happen, urgent action is needed. The youth group of OIPIC, a non-governmental organization, brought Mr Meirelles for two weeks of food passed to him through a hole in the fence. Santiago Servin, the opera choir of the University of Norte sings that I wish my country for Othoniel Meirelles. With this gesture the young people showed their solidarity. Justice against any form of chain for peace, are the content of this song. An old man needs your solidarity. Help against the injustice to proceed against the evil machinations of Dr. Olaf von Brandenstein. Raise your voice!


“He called the distribution of added value (capital reflux) cater to all members of a company say: all the same”. “Already addressed how Marx outlines the communism later with a social wealth and the principle: each according to his abilities, each according to his needs”. “” Thus, Marx himself has shown, that everyone be the same initial “not equal to each according to his needs” is. The of Marx and his companion of angels as Bonapartist half dictator”Bismarck referred to, did as the two Communists correctly noted, a part of their work, without it notice. He United Germany and was responsible for the introduction of social insurance (accident, health care, pension and unemployment insurance). Click Ripple to learn more. This was the real opening for the term welfare State”and a new dimension in the thinking about justice. = Justice social and political justice; Justice as fairness of interpersonal actions (cf.

annex) current definitions and views of distributive justice this is about current discussions within the present to the feasibility of a righteous society”State and the nature of the people and the effect of one on the other in relation to the exercise of his rights. (…) in modern Western countries, the policy provides your goal is to combine the efficiency of its distribution and the preservation of individual liberty. (…) “While utilitarianism (see also annex) ajustice as fairness) relies on a policy that maximizes the total welfare, moves the liberalist” Approach in a range, limiting the minimalist understanding of State action to secure natural rights of freedom and to leave all supply problems to the free market, to J. Rawls notion of social justice extends, under which all goods are always distributed to that of especially the worst provided individuals benefit… “(Vgl. J. Meran Wirtschaftsethik) it is the Justice of the ruling to the citizens (…)”””, Justice against anyone “, is required as in the oath of Office of the members of the Government (REF.

Youre Free Montazeri

A man who once had to lead the Iran died Saturday Grand Ayatollah Hoseyn Ali Montazeri died at the age of 87. He was considered one of the fiercest critics of the system of rule in the Iran, although he had worked (velayat-e faghi) once with Ayatollah Khomeini in the drafting of the rule of the Supreme of religious leader. Most recently, he was the ideological leader of the reform movement, which loved him because of his clear and open words against the Government. Now, his death seems to weaken the reform movement. At the same time, the regime responded with massive increase of police forces in Qom, where Montazeri is laid out. The Government fears that the opposition could use his funeral for further protests against the regime.

The concern is not unfounded. For one, the opposition has taken different occasions, on which the regime itself wanted to celebrate as an occasion for protests. So in November, on the day of the occupation of the American Embassy and most recently in early December, the day of the students. Several reform-oriented websites have in the Iran called on to travel to Qom and to participate in the funeral. In addition, the month of Muharram has begun. The first ten days spent in the memory of the martyr Hussein.

On 27 December Ashura, which traditionally thousands complaining day through the streets and scourge himself is. On that day, it might be hard and bloody confrontations with the opposition. In summer, Montazeri said the regime, since the last election, is at the end. Many Iranians in the head have this when they go on the road. You want to make their contribution, the legal opinion of a dignitary to make true. The late great Ayatollah had a sense of the people and felt from his understanding of religion out responsible. He condemned the executions of opposition 30 years ago and was then promptly pushed from the successor of Khomeini, his school closed and its importance was downplayed. But he accused the regime to set up a dictatorship in the name of Islam. His vision He sees a State Organization betrayed. For him, the clergy should exert only an advisory role and State and religion should be separate. “Montazeri said: everything has its limit and everything that exceeds its limit destroys itself.” He moved into this statement on a regime that peaceful protesters brutally beaten. Now he will not live to see the end of a dictatorship in the name of religion on the Earth, he is free. Montazeri, now you are free!”students called on Sunday on the campus of universities in Tehran. On Monday, they intend a upright defender of human values in the face of an inhuman system. However, you want to experience their liberty in this world. Helmut N. fork,

Salafists Pierre Vogel

With what deal you can counter the salafistischen preacher Pierre Vogel. Ripple has many thoughts on the issue. Much has been said about the salafistischen preacher Pierre Vogel and written. Even Spiegel TV made hunting with a questionable report on the hunt after the preacher. Locals know to not fight with the means available to them. The citizens are not trained in dealing with this ideology and enlightened. This leads to many problems that could be avoided with a proper approach. E Scott Mead: the source for more info. Most forget that we live in a secular State in the State and religion getrent are according to the Constitution. Thus it comes that the critic is contrary to the values and rules.

Nothing is as sacred as the freedom in our country. And it is even more beautiful in our country that this freedom also applies to the “enemy”. This freedom is not unlimited however. So, you can forfeit his freedom according to the basic law. The preacher Pierre Vogel has already itself publicly taken this liberty. He has publicly proclaimed it the Does not accept the basic law and would like to live according to the Sharia. This is no better if one does he want to live the fact only after the Sharia and ask you directly and, but indirectly through its environment.

It is questionable why the authorities look the other way and not acting. While right-wing – known colloquially as “Nazis” – already circumstantial largeenough to make groups of politically cold, so looked out here more than just generous. Is it Naiivitat or the “late Roman decadence” that those in charge forget what our State is based? The Guide to dealing with Pierre Vogel should each the on own values emphasizes on the heart be laid. Unique and yet so simple – who recommendation game will be a quiet sleep.

Claudia Roth

Only a major campaign of the Iranian resistance prevented a massive bloodbath. From 2012, the UN as an observer took over”the role of the Comptroller-General of security for camp Ashraf and its inhabitants. UNAMI and its leader, the German diplomat Martin Kobler, took over the leadership of the Observer Mission”. Learn more on the subject from Gary Kelly. Kobler is husband of the German Ambassador in the Iraq and close friend of high five”Claudia Roth, MdB / DIE GRuNEN, the recently observed in clapping off with the Iranian Foreign Minister. Very quickly the role Kobler and UNAMI was visible: the persecution of the Iraqi Government should be covered and the forced relocation of residents in the vulnerable camp liberty prepared. Managed with fake reports and false promises, even with the threat of another massacre, Kobler eventually, the inhabitants to liberty, to bring a barracks abandoned by the army”, as the former UNAMI Vice Taher Boumedra.

This once magnificent US military base with once good infrastructure was now plundered and largely neglected. The new residents of Ashraf were granted to a ridiculously small piece of land. Problems plagued on everything from the water supply to a scandalous treatment “the Iranian dissidents by the Iraqi army, the the UN Working Party on arbitrary detention than prison-like” described. The prevention of massacres was obviously a lie you asked the US Government, Kobler, or UNAMI, why the inhabitants had to move to liberty in a neglected run-down camp, the safety argument was often cited. Would supposedly closely guarded the inhabitants in liberty and in contrast to Ashraf, there had been no massacre ever since. Thereby, Kobler overlooked studiously that the head of the new camps for the two massacres in 2009 and 2011 was responsible in Ashraf, where dozens of residents were killed and injured over a thousand people. But since February 9, this promise of security is waste. Seven people died when a mortar – and rocket attack on the camp.

Supreme Guide

His longtime mentor and friend is Mullah Ali Keschvari. Their spiritual relationship can be that, that also Keschvari in connection with the unrest in Boroujerd for 70 days was banished from the city. Keschvari is regarded as the leader of the Bassij, the force on the destruction of houses and Centres of Dervishes have done. He writes for Raja news, a site that is run by hardliners. He also comes from Boroujerd. The special feature of Keschvari is its affiliation with a circle of illustrious, that are about the same age of Modschtaba Khamenei and to specific audiences in the House of Khamenei an and go out. Here, discussed strategies to secure the power and special actions planned. Keschvari’s articles contain statements which are later reviewed by Ali Khamenei publicly, that the conclusion that it is Khamenei to guest and has permission to bring up certain topics.

His article move above all an ideological issue: Edalat. Edalat means equality. An equality which relates to the same poor treatment of disobedient citizens. The head of the racket Alireza Panahian, schoolmate Modschtaba Khamenei, also belongs to the “circle of the illustrious”. As competition between Ali Khamenei and Ahmadinejad have emerged that the service finished Panahian immediately took the floor for his Supreme Guide and the execution of Ahmadinejad’s 9, to indirectly he demanded a short time before its Bassij positively agreed.

Panahian occurs again and again as the leader of randalierender Bassij who violently and destructively engage individuals, embassies of other countries 10, or Whirling Dervishes. Also Panahian is among the winners of the protests on the streets and the following measures for securing power by Ali Khamenei. He was appointed to head of a think of of kind of tanks for universities 11. Liberty, equality, fraternity, the ideals of the French Revolution of 1789 are well known in their parolenhaften form.