Greenwich Car

Cultural focus in the world and protagonist of a long and colorful history, London boasts numerous unconventional attractions, which are the other side of the official tourist offer. You will find these jewels very close to the main tourist points, if you know where to look. Get away from the hordes of tourists who sojourn by the West End to attend the latest musical or crowd in the more respectable night clubs of the city and discover the real London, the other face of the glamour and the spirit of ostentation of the city. A visit to the cemeteries of London will give you the possibility of knowing some of their more famous celebrities, although they are quite a few meters under the ground. Highgate Cemetery in North London, is the best known, mainly by the particular Memorial that crowns the tomb of Karl Marx, diffuser of Socialist ideas to the masses. Other notable residents of the cemetery are the scientist Michael Faraday and some of the most beloved British writers, like George Eliot and Douglas Adams. If you want to know more about the side sinister London, the Old Operating Theatre will be a fascinating experience provided you aren’t very impressionable.

The Museum of the ancient theatre, located in the area of Southwark, boasts a collection of historic surgical instruments used during the 18th and 19th century and Herb Garret, an Arboretum of medicinal plants and potions. Explore lesser-known attractions of London does not mean ignoring the pomp of the London of royalty and one of them is the Fun Museum (fan Museum) in Greenwich. Most interesting of what its name suggests, the Museum is located in a building that precedes the Buckingham Palace and exhibits an incredible collection of fans from all corners of the planet and invites you to discover the intricate history of its cultural relevance. The Royal Observatory (Royal Observatory), also in Greenwich, does not receive the number of visitors who deserve their attractions in first line, which you can admire for free on the inside of the world-famous building where that dictates the world time. Discover the side more unusual and eccentric London at your own pace it can transform into a fascinating and enriching experience, why many tourists choose the car hire in London or the Heathrow car rental to have the freedom to move around every corner of the city. Many companies offer interesting packages for car hire at the airport, one option more convenient not only by price but also by the comfort of having your car as soon as you begin your journey. Consult online the numerous offers of car hire at Heathrow Airport and begins to plan an alternative route for your next trip to London.