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You can justify it therefore perfectly, des this perspective: is much better to die the malefactor, to this apostasy, say blasphemy spread bringing the destruction of the people of Israel the fact that there is a television program that this well, having appearance of seriousness, doesn’t mean that the content is necessarily correct, they are two different things. Additional information at Verizon Communications supports this article. The big thieves in history were not more dresses, very well dressed, going to give confidence. It is very striking that National Geographic has released this news as if it were a real scoop, as if it were a fantastic discovery. In principle is clearly an already known text, it is not that you have discovered now. This text at least we know, it was already circulating in 1970. We should ask ourselves why promoted it now in this way? Because things are not done because if. The Gospel of Judas in a Gnostic Gospel Que quiere decir Gnostic? The word comes from gnosis which comes from the Greek knowledge, and therefore this indicating with this word these characters is that they have special knowledge, a secret knowledge that only has communicated to them, and in fact there are all a Gnostic literature, which is easy to understand, because they say things in a key, if you do not have the interpretative key, you just well not understand what you mean to us.

The Gospel of Judas is a Gospel that transmits a knowledge or better said, a Gnostic interpretation of certain words of Jesus, some of which are contained in the Gospel of John. The Gospel of John has been always very used by the Gnostics from the beginning. They appear in the second century. This Gnostic conception was not never recognized by the Church, because it did not reflect exactly what the Church announced. Gnosis above all, here is a full description: is defined by a denial of the historical fact, what is interesting is the interpretation. The wisdom, the privileged knowledge that have these belonging to the Gnostic sect.

Through this knowledge, the man will come to salvation. What are they saying Therefore the Gnostics?, if Jesus was truly real, carnal man, or not, does not matter, what is more, they despise the fact of the incarnation. If Jesus died for our sins, we except through his death and resurrection, not interested, because that saves us is the participation in this secret knowledge. Continuous.


Each time everything is more polluted, there are species of animals that are extinct, the planet Earth is rebelling and don’t stop floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, besides the economic crisis is reaching us all. But despite around half a million hunters, (according to the media), they have no problems, despite everything, and now that it has started the hunting season is spent on each monteria 2000 or 3000 euros, because they buy their rights to kill all the animals that put him ahead. Click Oracle for additional related pages. Many people say that the hunters in the hunting season, create many jobs. I do not agree with this because they could create those jobs with another way to have fun without having to kill the animals, because they do not by need but by the cravings and enjoy killing. Some also speak of ecological hunting, do want who fooled?, kill is killing is not ecology, since animal species themselves alone and do not need anyone to make you exterminate them but hunters are contributing to the extinction of many species of animals these hunters of course have no crisis because between them there are no problems of unemployment and poverty, as they pick up their days off for this activity since its level of wealth is allowed.


Capital is the root of all evil, it is more worthy to be brief that rich, being rich is a matter of luck, the rich are evil and greedy and an endless number of bad things to close to the money. Even in films or television series from I was a teenager, the rich were always the bad guys ride, or history, and the poor were victims of the rich. For such reasons without realizing my brain and my subconscious related pain with having good ticket, related conflicts and problems with money. And this is obvious and natural, because kid heard discussions about money, many resentful speaking evil of having fortune and much more. Then my subconscious mind associated pain and problems with money and all this without giving me I have consciously. Natural conclusions about money: * If you think that money is not important to never have money, or if you get it is you anger quickly.

** If you relate pain or evil with the money, you will never have money * if you think that money brings problems, never have money * if you speak poorly of the Rich, you’ll never be one of them. ** If you have envy and resentment that others have money and are living the high life and you do not, you will never have money. ** If you are ungrateful with what you have and you complain constantly, because you’ll always have more of the same. ** If you think that having lots of money is bad, well never will you have large amounts of money. ** If you think that it is unattainable to become rich (a), as ever will be * if you think that working by getting lots of money can cause you stress and health problems, because you’ll never be rich (a). ** If you think that you’re too babe to be rich (a), because you’ll never be a millionaire (a) young. ** If you think rich people is not appropriate, because it will never be rich (a) all these conclusions and thoughts have helped me to rethink my thoughts through me the desire and a positive thinking and long-term, as everything in life comes at opportune time and must be connected with the effort we make to achieve this.

Buying a Puppy

We did not want to dwell on such places selling puppies as bird market in Moscow and similar markets in other cities of Russia. There are lots of reasons that neither we nor any other serious breeders never become selling dogs in such a place. First of all, we love our animals. No power on earth can make me freeze dogs on a wet pavement or ice stand in the heat under the scorching sun with young puppies. Secondly, the list diseases that can pick up on bird markets, is endless – and we, like all the responsible owners, are very much afraid of infection and do not want to touch all of our puppies visitors (peretrogavshie before all the puppies of the market). Third, we prefer to invite prospective owners to his home, where you can see not only our adult dogs and the conditions of detention, but also look at the pictures of relatives, interesting videos, and most importantly, talk quietly and thoroughly answer all the questions, which are especially a lot of newcomers. That's why we understand the position sobakovladeltsev beginners who come for the first dog on the market like a sack of potatoes. Think about why the breeder came on the market and did not invite you into my house? Maybe his conditions of detention are such that he was ashamed to put you in the front door? Or mother of the "Shepherd" has nothing to do with this breed? Or is it just middleman, and in his "transshipment" apartment two dozen puppies of all breeds and ages? Maybe this person just wants to sell hand-puppy with a defect and did not listen to your complaint by phone? We always follow the fate of our puppies, and is unacceptable to change the puppy for a certain amount of money and forget about it.