Smouldering Freedom

His first book, The soul of the child. Testing of child psychology appears in 1921 and two years later his novel The sower sowed his seed. In 1926 compiles the lectures he had given in Paris, London and several U.S. cities on regional costumes and folklore in the book costume in Spain: its importance as a primitive expression of the aesthetic ideals of the country. In the same year he premiered his play “Conversations with the pain. Translates the play by Eugene OoNeill Crhistian Anna, who in 1931 premiered in Madrid. In exile he published his autobiography I Must Have Liberty (1940), which has a unique feature, sincerity, as one of its commentators said: a Nada we should realize that life, or material hardship saved by dint of sacrifice and work, nor the sentimental failures of family life, some serious … go parading before the reader vividly described different ways of Spanish life: that of the provincial bourgeoisie from Malaga, and Madrid …

and in the theater, where he took the profession as an actress … … the literary journalistic, political, of the League of Nations and the diplomat that she finally began … as ambassador to the Court of Sueciae . In 1945 he published Smouldering Freedom: the Story of the Spanish Republicans in Exile, which also contains many autobiographical details. In 1947 his book Kollontay Alexandra, Ambassadress from Russia, the Soviet ambassador with whom he formed a close friendship to match it in Stockholm. It also publishes some children’s stories as Saint Anthony’s Pig (1940) and John, Son of the Fisherman (1941).

In 1948 he published the collection of dramatic dialogues with pain: dramatic essays and a story. When he was 81 years old appears in his novel I control my hunger (1959), whose title corresponds to the sentence pronounced by a journeyman Andalusian expect a chief to buy the vote. Elizabeth O. Palencia dies in Mexico at 96 years of age, despite his immense desire, never returns to his homeland, you have always dreamed of during his long exile. a Hasta the speech of Mexicans reminded me of my people, for not using the purest, but rough pronunciation of the Castilian. Lisp softly as andalucesa . Francisco Arias Solis a for the second time I go to danger to save the rights of man. (Phrase Salvochea Fermin glossed in the book: 102 reasons to remember Salvochea). Of Internet Portal for Peace and Freedom and Free Forum.