Delicious Pancakes, Pancakes Or Omelettes Succeed

Has never been as easy as with the new pancake pan by Maxx cuisine making pancakes, American pancakes or omelettes. The sweet body food virtually in the blink of an eye is succeed by the ingenious turning mechanism and the special coating and the perfect size! Pancakes using awkward, sticking or burning even butchered all the history is now! Even filling the Pan is child’s play that included also a practical dough scoop includes the griddle! This can fill virtually like a funnel and always allows the detailed overview of quantities. So tasty pancakes and co. are always thick and equal. Get as little icing you to your new griddle plus dough scoop a truly sweet heart shape, which you can prepare a special menu loved the eye know eats with! With this pancake pan, the preparation of desserts will be a very special experience. And to the the pancake pan is also ideal as a gift or souvenir absolute bargain price by not even 15 euro. New in the assortment also another great innovation to see the popcorn machine without oil!