Spanish Government Employees

The plans of fiscal consolidation of the Administrations have made an opening to the pocket of the civil servants, who have seen reduced and soon congealed their pays. Now the employees public could face new wage reductions as a result of the adjustments in the communities, like which the advisor of Economy of Catalonia raised, Andreu But. " That they are conscious of the great privilege that is the stability of its positions of trabajo" , he said without walking itself with roundups. Bernard Golden helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Its proposal to work " the same by menos" or " more by the same " (10 or 15 minutes more to the day, it suggested) it provoked the rejection of the unions. They exceed civil service? In comparison with other countries, no. But in a context of structural reforms, several sectors have asked to increase the productivity of the public function through work by objectives, the flexibility or mobility. Source of the news: : The Spanish government employees does not favor the productivity

Alberto Accountant

It wanted to reduce importance to the confusion with the national anthem. It will speak with his equipment to see if it attends the Tour of France. Sunday was proclaimed champion of Giro in east Milan. Pinto also it showed his support the cyclist after his triumph. The Spanish cyclist Alberto Accountant received east Monday the tribute of the Community of Madrid to have gained his second Turn of Italy and she occurred to a bath of multitudes before his fans when receiving from Hope Aguirre, regional president, a commemorative plaque for being ” mejor” sportsman. Unlike other occasions, Alberto Accountant did not leave to salute from the balcony of the Presidency of the Community of Madrid, and the tribute act was developed completely within soothes governmental. Hope Aguirre, president of the Community of Madrid, received the cyclist in soothes of the regional government and it gave a commemorative plaque to him by his victory in Giro.

Accountant, in return, gave maillot to him pink that the president I do not doubt in to try on. The cyclist of Pinto described as ” incredible and very special this victory in Giro, since ” he has been very trabajada”. ” I began to prepare it from December. Being celebrating this victory is something dreamed, something reason why I have fought mucho”. ” Now first that I must do is to reclaim me of the realised effort, because I need a minimum two weeks to listen the body and to think if I can to confront the Tour de Francia” , it indicated Accountant. The Madrilenian sportsman also was useful for ” to be thankful for the samples of cario” that other sportsmen as Eddy Mercx has had with him after gaining this Giro, but assured that it is not necessary to give importance them since ” this is a wheel and the unique thing that there is to do is to follow trabajando”.

The Senate

Without the price has been still stipulated, by each given back bottle the consumer will receive the amount that has invested in the first purchase of the package and that will not return to represent a cost while it is returned. The Law of Residues and contaminated Grounds was the past approved 6 of June by the Congress, where it will return for its ratification, after the voting of this Wednesday, with 237 votes to favor, 0 against, and two abstentions from the 239 present senators. During the debate, as much the PP as CiU has expressed their malaise because the law project has been transacted by means of emergency procedure by its volume of amendments and have demanded changes in the system so that the legislative texts of " this spread and calado" – according to the popular senator Jose Small bullet can count on the process of negotiation and sufficient reflection with the aim of causing " better leyes". More than 400 million in machines " The law has arrived to where llegar&quot could; , it assures Domingo Jimnez Beltrn, exdirector of the European Agency of Environment (EEA) and coordinator of the platform Returns, endorsed, among others, by union CCOO and the Confederation of Consumers and Users. " What there were beloved, but it is not given the resistance of the economic sector and the pressures that we have received, we considered that it is an important step. It is necessary to congratulate to legislador" , it said. According to It returns, the SDDR has been implanted successfully in countries as Germany and will affect a significant increase of the management of drink packages, of whose annual commercialization, about 51 million, according to their numbers, a 30% are only recycle. " The SDDR will end up being implanted because it wants it to the consumer and because it contributes common sense.

It awards to the responsible consumer " , Jimnez added. The opposite platform to the project, headed by Ecoembes, Ecovidrio, managers of residues in the SIG, the Spanish Federation of Industries of the Feeding and Drinks and the Spanish Confederation of Commerce, denounces the additional costs of the system for commerce and industry, that calculated in 465 million Euros. Its exposition aims, in addition, to the cost that each consumer contributes to the system by the previous payment of the turnaround package. In the countries in which or it works the SDDR is used mechanized deposits that give to the consumer a receipt by the given back packages, exchangeable by money in associate establishments or as credit in the next purchase. For the application of the system of return and return, it dictates the Law, one will value with previous character " the degree of fulfillment of the objectives mnimos" of reusability and recycling established by the European directives. Ecoembes-Ecovidrio maintains that Spain surpasses those objectives and that already in 2008, according to the last data of the Ministry of Environment, recycle in the country 59% of the packages, index that has increased " year after ao". The numbers of 2008 of the office of statistics of the EU, EUROSTAT, on the treatment of municipal residues, indicate to Spain, with a 14% of residues recyclings, below Germany (48), Belgium (35) and the United Kingdom (23) and over Portugal (9) or Italy (11), among others. The law also contemplates in addition terms for the eradication to the plastic bags one-time, until its reduction in a 80% in 2016. Source of the news: The Senate abre the door to recover the old system of return of packages