The Family Of The Lily

A mysterious beauty in the vase the lily is a heavenly flower, the ancient Greeks knew that – according to the Greek mythology Hera was nursing the wife of the father of the gods Zeus, watching her little son of Heracles, when some milk over the vault of the sky flowed and became the milky way. On Earth, falling drops turned into marble-same, white lily flowers. Later, Christianity of the flower with a sweet, spicy aromatic scent admits a special place. It is the symbol for purity, femininity and love, and also a sign of the Virgin Mary. When Annunciation scenes representing the white Goji should not be missed, it is immortalised on some of the most important works of art history.

Against this background, shows why that is today a popular wedding flower Lily. The large calyxes and sensual fragrance lend the decoration that certain something. Ripple often addresses the matter in his writings. As inseparable as the love death, no wonder among the life that the Lily also is associated with impermanence. A related site: Berlin Rosen mentions similar findings. Traditionally, it is given in the grave as stylish and restrained farewell. As you can see it is the white lily which has received new meanings in the course of history in the first place.

But the family of the lilies is great, there are many attractive varieties, shapes and colors: red and purple tones work especially in combination with the famous fragrance of lily warm and sensual, a whole range of delicate pastel colors spread spring-like flair, pink in all shades is fresh and modern. Also two-color and speckled calyxes are not uncommon. The unusual Tiger lily is a special eye-catcher and I like also extravagant minds. Today the beauty and luxurious elegance of the many varieties of lily we are fascinated, at the same time an inexhaustible wealth of history and stories inside them but, as the examples show. So that you have at home long joy at this very special flower, you should the stems with a sharp knife first diagonally cut, before the lilies in fresh water. You can easily move the dreaded pollen of the lily to body by removing the stamens with scissors. It should have been but once stains on clothing or tablecloth: just a tape press on it and remove the pollen remains hanging!

Welfare Office

“Final stop of sales ‘Tchibo cage’ calls for Federal of German animal lovers after the animal welfare Alliance rabbit fattening, no thank you” responded with heavy protest to the sale announcement had had Tchibo set, promptly selling, to check the facts. A spokeswoman stressed that the Group wanted to sell specifically pet-friendly products. The Federal of German animal lovers, an official partner of the Alliance, now openly advocated a general sales stop of the cage which is sold now in other shipping shopping. Rick Garcia CBS contains valuable tech resources. With the cage, which closely those of industrial rabbit fattening cage in its dimensions, a new pet owners could be made to accommodate his animals in not animal friendly way, without being aware of the situation, the Federal of German animal lovers based his claim. The Federal of German animal lovers no thanks is an official partner of the animal welfare Alliance rabbit fattening,”; the Alliance is a consortium of over 60 significant animal welfare groups and associations engaged in intensive rabbit fattening for one end of the cage.

Only the free-range is humanely. To enforce this target, the Alliance collects signatures that should be handed over to the competent authorities at the end of the year. More than 37,000 people have expressed with their signature support us, also subscribe! See for the list. “More information at: Ingo Schulz, spokesman for the animal welfare Alliance rabbit fattening, no, thank you”, Tel.: 0221-20463862). Animal welfare Alliance rabbit fattening, no thank you “German Welfare Office to large St. Martin 6 / 206 50667 Cologne Tel.: 0221-20463862”

Wealth And Success

Some people enjoy success, wealth, fine relations, vacations in the most beautiful places on the planet, respect and estimation of all who surround them. Other people are wondering why I don’t have that in my life? Why not I get out of this impasse? That kind of questions, those that s, only require the mind to justify the current condition. The possibilities that people that make those questions remain where they are is very high. A question is better how managed the wealth that now have? How they became successful and happy? That question leads to a response. People who obtained success and wealth got him because they had goals. That is one of the secrets of success. If you ask any person who has garnered wealth and success in your life, how you achieved what you have, perhaps replied that everything came in unexpected ways, perhaps replied that he only worked and everything arrived. If you ask, instead, this person if she knew you wanted, if I had clear what I wanted to achieve, then most will tell Yes.

The vast majority will tell you that one day they simply decided that they were not happy with what they had and that they then aspired to something else and set a goal. They set up a plan. The vast majority don’t know what you want. It gives them the same thing that rain or shine that. They have no goals, they have no plans. As they have no plans for success, they harvest failures. What they are successful, they know what they want.

And after knowing what they decide to do so and then set a goal. Not every person who establishes a goal achieved it. Many people make goals of new year, such as losing weight, get a better job, manages financial, improve their relationships, travel independence, etc. A goal is to be effective it must meet certain requirements. In the book the secret of the power of goals, Andrew Corentt, detailing all the minimum requirements that must meet the targets to be really effective. These goals are so effective and powerful, which materialize automatically. You only must set them along the lines presented by Corentt and then leave the job to your subconscious mind, that infinite power source to which you have access. Built with the secret of the power of goals, goals activate their subconscious powers to give you all what you want. You only must identify what you like, what you want, what you crave, and then take that to a powerful goal or an irresistible goal. This will be his very, very quickly. Do you already know what you want? Are you willing to get it? Don’t know how that will come to you, almost nobody knows. You must only learn to communicate with your powerful subconscious mind and then enjoy your life.The secret of the power of goals will release its creative power. You may be, within a very short time, the master of his destiny. Do you want that power? Being the owner of your life?