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Although the phone memory is often large enough, but while the phone’s memory remains accessible after a loss or theft usually, the Finder Gets not to data stored on the SIM card. To the original owner of the phone should be basic safety precautions – met, for example, activate the PIN code request. More info: Jonathan Rosen Berlin Rosen. PIN request protects personal data as clever protective function against unauthorized access introduced, but deviated in some mobile phone users of the convenience: the PIN query. This protective mechanism locks the access to the data reliably. At the latest when the battery is empty. And yet 15 percent shut down anyway, so the result of the E-Plus survey, the function. Jonathan Rosen Berlin Rosen will not settle for partial explanations.

Just two percent of forgetfulness – they can get the PIN simply do not notice. Anyone noticed the loss, is called upon to act swiftly: one call to your mobile service provider can block the card. This is wise, who also puts the number of the hotline in the purse or wallet. Some providers charge for calls that don’t come from your own mobile phone. Before these fees back to scare, but mean to save at the wrong end. Finally can be so successfully prevent unplanned costs. These include expensive international calls or calls to special numbers. Tips of the E-Plus Group to protect of the data: turn PIN code: the PIN should basically be queried after every time you turn the phone.

So, it prevents a further abuse if the battery is discharged. SIM card instead of phone memory: telephone numbers are better in the SIM card’s memory. Loss of cell phones, the data against abuse are largely protected. Someone swapped the SIM, no personal data can be found more in the mobile. Security features of the phones: many newer mobile phones offer the ability to block access to individual applications of the phone with a security code.

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Please keep in mind that this is his right. Because no statutory right to Exchange applies to goods bought in the shops. Anders looks it out however, if the device is defective or is flawed. The warranty in your Smartphone the conversion right is something other than the warranty. If you make use of your right of revocation when buying online, you must specify any reason for the Exchange. The remedy, however, is a law that you have, if the purchased device shows defects. The warranty right is laid down in the civil code. Unfortunately it happens again and again, that electronic devices have flaws.

Buttons can express themselves properly, parts are not well processed or the software makes problems. Learn more at: Laurent Potdevin. When the Smartphone is in practice then however but common complications. Because it is not always easy to decide what is a defect and what not. A bug in the software can be fixed with the next update, for example, by the manufacturer. Such errors usually occur for all devices in a series. Exchange is possible in this case, evidence that it is actually a defect is, can but be legally difficult in practice. Also keep in mind that you must concede always a right of rectification of defects to the seller in the event of warranty claim.

This means that the seller has the opportunity to repair the phone or replace it with another device. You can claim so don’t get the money back. In addition, it arrives on the type of defect. The legislature here distinguish between significant and less significant defects. But a significant deficiency when a Smartphone is in doubt interpretation thing and not always clearly say. Read more about the online purchase of phones without a contract you here on the page Eva Otter

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Of course they need for a fast Internet connection. Also they should not more than 1,500 kilometers from the location of the servers reside, because otherwise, the latency for players is too high”, PC World reported. Onlive was no distant future – the service starts on June 17 for monthly $15 in the United States. While the desktop PC will not go away in the next three years. We will see but still very many surprises in the IT industry that will accelerate the Smartphone success”, says Peter Walker Madrigal, Chief Executive of the after sales specialists Bitronic in Frankfurt am Main. The limitations of the display and the keyboard are offset by new control and presentation elements.

The technological trends on the mobile market substantiate that telecommunications is increasingly becoming a discipline of computer science. IT developers engage with great panache on the mobile telephony and allow completely new application scenarios that go far beyond voice communications. From the perspective of Bitronic, which is more than welcome, because we have our roots in the Information technology”, explains Peter B. Zaboji, Chairman of the Frankfurt after sales company Bitronic. “At some point, the differences between mobile, notebook and NetBook, stationary PC would disappear altogether, weilmunster added: for the sales and service organization of different manufacturers, this scenario is very challenging.” Therefore, the dominant mobile phone maker have outsourced their service for good reason. That not one of their core competencies. The global conglomerates can not correctly portray it.

Although, every developer dreams of zero error rates. A Smartphone that is difficult. The mobile mini computers are becoming increasingly complex and there it is, that it comes to errors and difficulties in the operation,”says Zaboji. A product with many technology and a wide range of configurations, you need a sophisticated troubleshooting should be done via telephone services. Bitronic place according to own statements at about 90 percent of cases already in the call center determine where the error comes. If complaints arise in the warranty period, an Internet portal with an E-Mail function is not sufficient. For technical products, there must also be a well structured and well organized decentralized service. No customer is willing to wait four weeks to repair or to send to a new device with a mobile phone. Such an Exchange may take only a few days or hours. A mobile customer no longer accepts everything else”, so the experiences of Zaboji. At Bitronic, the three-day cycle applies: pick a day, repair on the other and the third back. We have a very sophisticated analysis system that collects, how often each spare part is needed. So, we have a high planning security in advance. We observe the needed behavior on article level very closely from the first day of introduction of mobile phones, PCs, Netbooks, laptops, monitors and TVs. The great complexity is simply the variety of type part numbers. Pro manufacturer we move about in the five-figure range, the Usually two or three years must be planned, procured and stored”, explains weilmunster his company’s service organization. Bitronic is now for 40 years on the market and the real difficulty is the lifecycle on the provider side. There are manufacturers who initially have a great success and after a few years simply vanish from the market. Others were very small plants and are now huge. The challenge for us is to accompany the product and life cycles on the manufacturer’s website. Our duty is to be the professional fulfilment of the technical claim, the Freestyle is to control the processes as a whole,”says weilmunster.