In Cold Season, Cold Viruses Are Particularly Active

Now defenses strengthen and that prevent infections cold season with Frost and snow has arrived with power and Germany firmly into the handle. An end to the cold is not to refrain for the time being. People cough and sniveling. The cold viruses have now ideal conditions, to go to work. They spread rapidly and can proliferate now massively in their victims. Yet factors such as stress or even cold feet are added, the immune system will be charged so that it can not fend off the common cold viruses. Telecom Operations Management Market describes an additional similar source.

The viruses to win the fight and millions raise the winter flu-like infections in Germany. A strengthened immune system with intact defenses against cold viruses could can prevent this and probably several days with a fever, cough and runny nose spared many interested parties. To strengthen the immune system in the winter, there are many home remedies that are all based on experience in any form and have thus justified. But even modern science has made its contribution and to the application of Vitamin C and the trace element zinc scientifically accurate results delivered. Credit: Finaxy-2011. According to this recent research, the immune system in his defensive work against cold viruses consumed acutely much vitamin C. The body at the time of the attack of the common cold viruses has enough vitamin Czur available, the immune system is strong enough to be able to perform his duties.

The problem is that our body cannot store vitamin C, to guard against the virus attacks only. We must always ensure that the body of a vitamin-rich diet or supplement tablets with vitamin C always sufficient is supplied. In addition the defensive work of the strengthened immune system becomes more successful, better prevents the common cold viruses in cells of the nasal mucosa can set. Can not do this alone vitamin C. But it need support through the trace element zinc.

New: Visitsection – The Search Engine For Care

Visitsection GmbH, In the sources went online a free Internet search engine for services 11, 25479 Ellerau with on 01 January around the old people’s and nursing. Among other things, the portal enables a simple search for free care places. Currently, detail information is already available from over 32,000 suppliers from throughout the country. Anyone looking for a free seat in a retirement or nursing home for yourself or a family member, need plenty of time and patience, and usually also a durable phone budget. Still a device is desired, that covers a specific clinical picture, the search often becomes the painstaking hard work. So far no help was to get himself on the Internet.

Now, this gap is filled with In early January the new care information portal went online. It offers a structured search free for provider from the area of the old, sick and disabled care. The extensive database, which is stored with the portal already includes details about 32,000 companies from the entire Federal territory. Be searched can according to various criteria such as disease, away from the place of residence or type of institution. Of course also the possibility to combine individual search criteria, and so, for example, to search for all outpatient services within a certain radius or to all nursing homes with specialization on Dementenpflege “, Jurgen Bauer, says responsible for marketing & public work at Visitsection.

The complete range of maintenance services, as represented, for example, elderly and nursing, mobile services, assisted living, or respite care, is on Visitsection. The individual providers represented with the most important contact details that are free and unlimited can complement any company information to forms of care and disease patterns. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Adam Portnoy. About Google maps, a first look at the facility can be thrown also card Planner or satellite image. This basic data can also extend the care provider. The range of possibilities is large: photos of set up, link to your own Web site, presentation the internal contact, individually formulated texts, the appearance of quality marks and certificates, and much more can be set. These additional data are available for providers for a fee. Just and competent to represent the best possible care performance in its vicinity the Pflegesuchenden, will receive more functionality and information masks this year”, says Jurgen Bauer. As examples, he calls the shelf of interesting hits in my Visitsection”or a cost calculator. With this, the prices of accommodation in care or nursing homes can be determined transparent and understandable. The Visitsection calculator will bring clarity to the often somewhat confusing pricing”, Gabriele stresses Lenz, so that the consumer already before know what he must pay later.’ The care experts and case advised technical manager from the district Waiblingen Visitsection in the development of the portal. Press contact: Visitsection GmbH, Jurgen Bauer, marketing & public work, mobile 0170 5622655, E-Mail about Visitsection: the idea for was born in the year of 2006. Then a group of care specialists, relatives of nursing needy and entrepreneurs with the aim of uniting is to optimize the communication between care providers and care seeking. After about two years preparation and development time, succeeded in achieving the ambitious goals of the project. Since January 2010, is now online with a database of over 32,000 suppliers from all areas of care. As a company, the makers of the portal have founded the Visitsection GmbH in October 2008. Registered office of the company is Ellerau near Hamburg.

Internet Information

To support physicians in their professional life, she has brought the women’s networking lounge, which is active nationwide, after Hall. At networking events, meet like-minded people with whom they can exchange doctors and receive new impulses and ideas for their own practice. Women’s combines information, networking and a stylish ambience for an interesting, entertaining evening Networking Lounge. Gain insight and clarity with Gucci fashion. The event series is supported economic Consulting Ltd. and the Federation of Hartmann, the Association of doctors of in Germany in Hall of the Deutsche Apotheker – und arztebank (apoBank), A. S. I.. Find more information, as well as an online registration for the event was interested in doctors under dates-facts about the event: topic: doctor, mother and career woman a (un) possible combination? Date: April 18, 2012 Start: 18:00 end: around 21:30 venue: LUJAH bar Ulrich road 36, 06108 Halle fee: EUR 35 incl.

VAT. You will receive more information and pictures at: women’s networking lounge e. V Andrea Jochum Wall Street 86 88 10117 Berlin Tel.: + 49 30 22 64-0940 fax: + 49 30 22 64-0949 E-Mail: Internet: the women’s networking lounge is a nationwide series of events for physicians. Is the doctor as entrepreneur and Executive in the Center and knowledge around the topics of taxes, law and finance, corporate strategy and leadership, marketing and public relations, as well as career and life planning. In addition to lectures of high-calibre guest speakers, the regularly scheduled events provide a forum for Exchange of experience, networking and discussion. For more information, the women’s networking lounge is an initiative of the ETL European tax & Law Gruppe, with more than 1,000 Accountants, lawyers, business consultants, accountants and financial service providers in over 600 locations of the leading networks of consultants in Germany.

Packaging Information

The insurance Portal reports: rockrose capsules are no medicine swine flu is currently the topic number one. Whether in the media, at work or under acquaintances everywhere is also discussed. When the whole fear that the virus spread, the normal flu is almost forgotten. One reason closer to investigate a new anti-flu home remedies. Rockrose capsules are a dietary supplement that is available in any drug store. Checking article sources yields Fish and Chips Babies as a relevant resource throughout. The private insurance portal has been tested, whether consumers with the capsules can actually protect against infection.

The leaf extract of the Cistus Icanus, contained in the capsules to work anti oxide antisch and health-enhancing. Animal testing proved that the uptake of flu virus inhibits the tannin compounds of the plant. She wrapped the pathogens thereby hampered him thus their way into the body’s cells. Who respond now too euphoric, should be warned however: success in humans were not identified so far.The information defense capsules”on the Packaging is therefore misleading. The alleged miracle cure, which is to acquire it as a tea, it is only a food. Therefore, the manufacturer may not advertise with a preventive effect. In addition, that action is directly connected to the way of taking. The positive effect of the unfolded just about the inclusion of the mucous membranes.

Gets the rockrose product so in stomach, such as tea, it has no effect. Who is suffering from a flu, should be prefer proven medical prescribing in the pharmacy, which are sucked or gargling.

European Union

Dream bosom on warranty in the medical, through the use of high-quality breast implants of the company Allergan and mentor. Lindau, the Feb – Prof. Werner Mang has always warned of cheap implants and considers the quality and the safety of implants as one of the most important aspects for a successful outcome of a breast surgery. The products of the company Allergan and mentor are authorized and are manufactured in accordance with the prevailing national and international standards. The silicone implants have proven themselves for years as a safe medical devices. The two companies insure a lifetime warranty, without compromising of health for her breast implants.

A year ago, it had become known that the company had sold hundreds of thousands of cheap implants poly implant Pro thesis (PIP), that have been used around the world in breast surgery. Since the European Union has drawn conclusions and provides tighter controls. Patients can now quality in the manufacture of breast implants rely on, because the today used silicone implants are made with cross-linked, cohesive silicone gel and not expire therefore. There is also a single seal of approval for breast implants, which guarantees health patients for three years throughout the European Union. Not only high-quality implants are used in the medical, but it applied a new standardized surgical technique in the field of breast surgery for years, which guarantees the protection of the mammary gland (no scarring due to injury of mammary gland), a full nursing ability, as well as a natural look. In the medical, breast augmentation is performed through a very small incision in the breast fold, creating a small implant bearing. For more information see this site: Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company. The mammary gland is completely protected. In the second step, the optimal and customized breast implant in the implant site is inserted.

The operation lasts about 1 hour. After surgery there are hardly any pain and it arise only rarely swelling or bruising. There is a 24-hour surveillance at the clinic. Then the patients for a certain time must wear a sports bra, can but move back to normal in everyday life. The cost for a breast augmentation in the medical is approx.

Richard Mackool

After various reviews in forums also relies on the Declaration of the Bursa, if you can not locate the MV in patient eyes. So-called ill-defined vitreous floaters”are among others therefore MV in the bursa premacularis. Others including Adam Portnoy, offer their opinions as well. They could remove a vitrectomy, assuming the glass body is lifted from the retina (it’s not, he can be withdrawn artificially prior to surgery by the surgeon, but what brings the risk of retinal tear with it). According to Tassignon, so also the Bursa-mouches would generally curable. The groups fighting for Johnson, Geller and Tassignon currently on lost items if they fight at all. According to my research was a connection between MV and this bursa premacularis so far confirmed in any clinical study. The Bursa-mouches are therefore a hypothesis that you cannot verify with the present technology (Tassignon).

With the slit lamp are not to see them, and also known as optical coherence tomography (OCT) has delivered no results so far. Other renowned laser surgeon like John Karickhoff limited, to blame the infinitesimal, the proximity to the retina and psychological aspects for the non-handling ability to this MV. And vitrectomy surgeons like Richard Mackool or Wolfgang Schrader no special attention be paid to the Bursa or reject their importance for the treatment of MV. “Floco Tausins assessment of the Bursa MV for the spiritual project holistic vision” there is probably no coincidence that one encounters in the environment of ND-YAG laser specialists to further explanation. For most eye doctors, the differentiation and positioning of the MV plays a large role; Thus, they settle close retinal tears and bleeding in those patients who complain about flying points. They provide what they won’t see, however, in the realm of the psyche (see news 2/2005;) News 2/2006). Vitrectomy surgeons also need due to recent Vitrektomietechnologien and the increasing pressure from those affected ever longer nothing ever more to the different types of MV to care; with the removal of the vitreous or parts thereof are all firmly frequently asked and hope especially for blind eliminates at least not identified clouding”(i.e.

not objective evidence-based) floaters-only vitrectomy (FOV) (cf. News 3/2005; 3/2008). Surgeons, however, split the MV by Nd-YAG laser and vaporize attempting must know very exactly the types of MV. Because for a successful laser treatment the dots and strands must meet a number of conditions (link); the most important is that the MV for the doctor must be visibly clear, because what is not seen, on which you can not shoot. “Most people who are rejected by laser specialists, are significantly those who suffer from those transparent points and threads, the subject of my spiritual project holistic vision” are. Regularly faced with this type of MV, this laser specialists are looking for explanations for their non-visibility and not handling ability. I would like to conclude with a wink that this explanation of the Bursa-mouches or Bursa floaters literally goes in the right direction: only a few millimeters further back, people, then we’re in the retina as a possible place of the MV (see the article: mouches volantes – vitreous opacity or nervous system?) “about the morphological similarities of MV and the neural receptive fields) and then entirely new approaches to research and management will emerge, namely medical and spiritual.”

Smoking Increases Blood Pressure

Research: Children of smoking parents have elevated blood pressure on already 2011 Dr. Giacomo Simonetti stated: smoking parents are a risk factor for the blood pressure of the descendants. Smoking, passive smoking in particular, endangered not only the lungs of children, but also the blood pressure. For this knowledge and his excellent scientific research work in the field of prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of heart and vascular diseases and stroke, Simonetti presented the research prize of the Swiss Heart Foundation in Bern the researchers on May 11. So far relatively little about it was known which circumstances may actually cause an increased blood pressure in children and whether they are social or due to prenatal. Simonetti and his team of researchers of the Bernese hospital took on the challenge and conducted a representative study with over 4,000 kindergarten children.

Was evaluated by each individual girls and boys of blood pressure measured, and the respective parents interviewed. The result showed that tend, when they had a low birth weight children to an increased blood pressure, are overweight, or the parents have already increased blood pressure values. Particularly striking jumped the researchers as another result in the eye, that those children tend to increased blood pressure, whose parents smoke father and/or mother. It was shown for the first time, that second-hand smoke is an important additional and independent risk factor for children”, so Simonetti. Overall, the children of smoking parents an increased risk of a later development of hypertension by 21 percent were exposed as children of non-smokers.

Also children, whose mothers smoked during pregnancy had a higher blood pressure. Childhood blood pressure determines the blood pressure in adulthood. The children later develop high blood pressure, as this increases the risk of a stroke or heart attack. High blood pressure is also affected by the individual lifestyle. As a conclusion of “Research can therefore be stated according to Prof. Augusto Gallino, Chairman of the Commission: If parents refrain during pregnancy, at home and in front of their kids smoking, save the children and future adults not only against lung damage, but also against cardio vascular diseases.” Smoking couples should quit already the child before pregnancy to love.

Federal State

The health action puts an emphasis on early detection and prevention, and that since only every third woman and every sixth man over the age of 45 using the free measures for early detection although colorectal cancer represents the second most common cause of cancer deaths, with about 30,000 deaths per year. While colorectal cancer has a chance for a cure is 90 percent, when he diagnosed early enough. Importance to information days such as this, is already not be overlooked given the sober numbers: about 436,000 new cases over 208,000 deceased patients per year making cancer one of the most common diseases and above all causes of death in Germany. It goes beyond the mere statistics and considering how deeply a cancer affects not only the lives of those affected, but also that of their relatives and friends, as soon becomes clear to what extent cancer our time belongs to the concerns. The event takes this situation into account, by the visitors current findings on a Way presents that just appeals to those groups of people and meet their needs. The double exhibition is under the auspices by Katrin Lompscher, Senator for health, environment and consumer protection of the Federal State of Berlin, and Dagmar Ziegler, Minister for labour, Social Affairs, health and family of Brandenburg.

Info colorectal cancer: Meanwhile, colorectal cancer is the second most common cancer for both sexes. Each year about 37.250 men and 36,000 women will develop colorectal cancer. In addition, colorectal cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death with nearly 28,000 deaths per year both for women and for men. The cancer screening programme for the early detection of colorectal cancer has been extended to October 1, 2002. Within the framework of the cancer screening legally insured persons persons aged 50-54 years can annually perform a test for hidden blood in the stool (Hamoccult). From the age of 55 is entitled to perform a colonoscopy (Colonoscopy), including a repeat mirroring after ten years. More information under:. Opening hours: daily from 10 to 18 o’clock.

State Labour Inspectorate

This is always at the customer’s expense, especially when it’s a low-budget operator without training. MEDICALTALK24: You mentioned the cost! Is it because there are too many providers and thus a price war is raging? Karin letter: you’re right, there are a lot of QM consultant, unfortunately some do not have correct structure, how QM should be carried out in a practice. Customers who had already a QM training return to us again and again and not smarter than before. This often leads to a high bad investment, since then also the low price doesn’t help more. Low price does not always mean that seen it necessarily on a longer period is cheaper. MEDICALTALK24: To once again on the legal situation to come back. Do I understand it correctly, that some surgeries must undergo checks already? Karin letter: Yes, that’s right.

I had my first practice that had gotten a full decision (Gewerbeaufsichtsamt) for the MPG in July 2009 and August of this year 2 dental surgeries, in which the State Labour Inspectorate in the door. The first sample in the practices are already being performed. MEDICALTALK24: What exactly does that mean? Karin letter: the Gynecologic practice had 4 weeks documenting the complete MPG and implement. These documents had to be submitted, then a medical staff sent by the Trade Licensing Office, which has carried out an inspection of the practice. The implementation was so controlled. MEDICALTALK24: Are 4 weeks because not enough time to create only the MPG? Karin letter: If you know how and what exactly is it that is easily possible. It’s just not done with the collection of the MPG devices alone, forget the products used and in the patient, then also still need to be considered in critical, semi critical (A, B, C) and not critical. MEDICALTALK24: And what had it for your dental practices entail? Karin letter: in these two cases was equal to a practice inspection company and carried out.

Brazilian Press Association

He wrote over 50 books the uninitiated written to read the assumptions in the Internet, how to create radio programs radio theater and Radioplay on radio national have been always a well known name in the introduction of psychoanalysis on the days of our urban population. Defender of press freedom and human rights, was a partner and head of ABI – Brazilian Press Association and member of the Brazilian society of Criminology (BSC). Their initiatives, Dr. Gaston Pereira da Silva created in the year 1955, when a course was introduction to psychoanalysis with the post intended for the dissemination of the Freudian theory without medical or therapeutic nature. We used the post as a means for the dissemination of psychoanalysis answering countless letters of which the knowledge that Dr. Gaston Pereira da Silva questions answer has to. He resumed private practice in psychoanalytic practice since the 1930s to the 1970s.

The flight path d Dr. Gaston Pereira da Silva is the progress of the planned speech as woven a social practice and consists of a biography of the heritage of the enlightenment ideals (the inequality between men…) the emancipation of the subject of universal design knowledge, access to the progress of science under the auspices of liberty, equality and fraternity. This triad led him to take for the dissemination of psychoanalysis as a project to the libertarian ideals of modernity is based. As he has been the media, i.e. newspapers, radio and magazines at the Academy, one of the largest sponsors of psychoanalysis. To the Freudian doctrine explicitly for the average reader in 1931 the book published (to understand Freud). This first book by Dr. Gaston Pereira da Silva, who in 1942 in its sixth edition is published at the expense of the author. The following books from several publishers, including the renowned Jose Olympio, which begins in 50 years publishing of his complete works published.