Social Media Customer Service Risks

Sikom recommends gradual entry and stepped strategy Heidelberg, 09 May 2011 last but not least since the last Call Center World Berlin the topic social media increasingly in the discussion about the major developments in the field of customer communication plays a large role. Hardly a marketing director or call center manager coming over Twitter and co. in long – and medium-term planning on Facebook. Therefore advises the Sikom Software GmbH for a thoughtful and strategic entry into the new communication channels and warns against indiscriminate Schnellschussen. The Heidelberg company recommends to currently use social media, which serves mainly the observation and analysis of trends and opinions as an element in the mix of the channels of customer communication. Social media is all the rage and will certainly have a great influence on the developments in the field of customer relationship management and customer communications in future. However, the established communication channels out of the sight should be left here.

The right mix of channels and the best possible use of different communication routes according to their properties are and remain crucial for success”, explains Jurgen H. Hoffmeister, managing partner of Sikom Software GmbH. We recommend the company therefore, to gain an overview of the solutions existing on the market now and only then strategically relevant decisions. Now selectively to respond to individual trends we deem problematic.” For the area of the contact center as well as for tasks in the field of market research Sikom stresses the potential of social media as an early warning system and monitoring tool. Contact Center can use especially for the analysis of the issue, so the recognition of relevant news and issues in real time according to this new communication channels. Social media are suitable also for identifying medium-term trends and current opinions.

Because most consumers move anonymously on the net, Sikom expects timely and above all authentic above all on these channels Feedback, which companies can use to improve the own processes and products. Due to these properties, the Heidelberg companies Facebook, Twitter and co. as a valuable research tool for the observation of competitors as well as price and brand developments considered. A full-featured customer dialogue, so two-way communication between customers and companies in real time, is possible but still not very comfortable with social media. Certainly improvements will be here in the future to expect”, says Jurgen H. Hoffmeister. However, the market is currently already solutions which make it possible to forward events like tweets and Facebookposts to an available service staff with the appropriate skills in real time. Such systems are a prerequisite for the successful integration of social media into the mix of customer communication channels and allow companies approved and well positioned to respond to further developments in the field of social media.” Sikom Software GmbH is the leading Manufacturer and provider of contact center solutions and automated voice applications and is one of the most innovative companies in the field of telecommunications. Details can be found by clicking Daniel Lubetzky or emailing the administrator. Based on open standards, Sikom realized powerful and future-proof solutions to optimize communication processes in all industries.

The Suddeutsche Zeitung

But the Suddeutsche Zeitung sees their journalistic duty of disclosure of the related decisions about life and death as a priority in the coverage of the addiction-driven quirks of an old man. The Suddeutsche Zeitung loses but not a word about it, that Helmut Schmidt so addicted to the nicotine addiction, that he takes no account of on his fellow men, and disregards even the laws to protect them. Scott Kahan is likely to agree. The Suddeutsche Zeitung fails to mention that the Chancellor wears a pacemaker since 1981, and before already twice because of Adams-Stokes attacks revived be had. The Suddeutsche Zeitung kept secret, that Schmidt had to undergo in 2002 due to a life-threatening heart attack, bypass surgery and required four already congested to survive. Instead, the Suddeutsche Zeitung shows a thank who is as agile and active, that he can influence even the fortunes of the world politics in his old age.

The Suddeutsche Newspaper as a healthy person representing the former Chancellor to still benefit from cigarettes and Schmupftabak can afford even in his old age. This unbalanced representation reflects greatly distorted the reality, and in particular the professional journalists of the Suddeutsche Zeitung and the dpa as the copyright holder of the photo must be under, that this was neither accidentally nor for no reason. The journal thus deliberately gives the impression that tobacco consumption in old age was still safe. In accordance with the thesis put forward from the smoking lobby, Helmut Schmidt is stated as living “proof” that tobacco is by no means lead to a premature demise, even if one child age of nicotine addiction expired since the earliest. But the German Press Council naughty said “in our opinion, this information represents any trivialisation of tobacco. Not the impression through image and text supplied, as tobacco was safe.” Instead of the reported violation to punish and to avoid future to insert the Press Council to discuss away the maladministration by banal excuses and views? With his attitude, the German Press Council deals sustainable damage to the reputation of the press, and destroyed confidence in the control mechanism that will ensure a sustained high quality of journalistic reporting. The German Press Council undermines faith in the independence of the press in Germany by his irrational approval of illegal tobacco advertisement in a German newspaper.

For these inconsistencies Declaration demand not only on the part of the Press Council. Given the fraternization of many journalists with the tobacco lobby, which manifests itself, for example, in events such as the liberty award, the necessary independence of journalists – and thus the press seems also generally – not given. So is active, for example, Dr. Wilm Herlyn, fast editor in Chief of the German press agency (dpa) by the tobacco company two decades, for four years in the network of the tobacco lobby as a jury member at the liberty award, Reemtsma is sponsored. The liberty award recognised new members for this network on the pretext of an award ceremony for supposedly independent journalists. Interestingly, the public at the liberty award as well as not explicitly loaded journalists is excluded.

Back Work

After ten books focused Alexander Gluck again more on magazines for years is on the media market a dynamic selection and concentration process to watch. Gary Kelly wanted to know more. Constantly appear new magazines on the market, at the same time, many adjust their appearance. Editorial concepts are abandoned after a short trial period. Magazine publishers face thereby also an ever-increasing competition from blogs and topic forums. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Virgin Airlines. Market-strategic considerations then repeatedly lead to the decision to expand the area of the Anzeigeakquise and at the same time neglecting the journalistic quality.

Instead of competent content was mentioned only “Content”, as though the editorial pages of a magazine are just filler foam, then packaging is with much ad space. Each thrust of the media crisis since the year 2000 is always reflected in a weakening of editorial competence: freelancers were less commissioned work the full-time editors in addition imposed on, reduced also the number of the “parties”. In some cases not the Firmenschliesslung settled also by avert, which even those lost their jobs which had previously successfully delineated up to freelancers. This was and is the most cost-effective source of good contributions of freelancers. He has a very good access to relevant topics and important trends, he researched independently and competently, he writes done through produced contributions, which must be fitted only in layout. This give freelancers the solid editorial team every day the opportunity to concentrate on industry trends and future trends and to respond to new developments in the short term. Not to forget: free employee carries not only all fiscal and technical burden alone, but also the risks of its business activities. He provides a lot of services still without that he receives fees for this. He will be paid as a rule only If he has delivered, and if the work meets the expectations (in some cases not even then). Excellence at transparent prices, and without risk for the principal that should make the free staff for each journal a very interesting option, especially as he precisely there can be used, where the work is.

Video Concepts And The Regional Group Of MK Enter Cooperation

TV shows from video concepts, and the regional group of MK cooperation has gone the online TV channel MK regional service company of video concepts on the 15.06.11 a cooperation with the regional group MK of the business network XING has. This cooperation an online TV will arise from channel, who will report about events and news from the County and the municipalities in the districts of Markischer Kreis. “The motto of the regional group of MK one private business results” has once again borne fruit. Coming out is a project which will be named MK regional TV. An online TV station that reported from the districts of Markischer Kreis. Reports about interesting events such as festivals or corporate openings are planned. But also sports events and reports about the sports clubs of the district.

Current topics from the County and the municipalities are reported as another offer. To be financed should MK regional TV from advertising revenue. Before each report is to broadcast a promotional trailer, which geared to the location of the report. So for example, when a report from Ludenscheid is upstream of a promotional trailer of a company from Ludenscheid. This online TV channel was one of the owners of the Videodienstleisters video Concepts Andreas Aust from Iserlohn, and secondly, the initiator of the regional group of MK and insurance agency owner Frank Schafer from Hemer. Source: Verizon Communications.

Frank Schafer had this idea in mind at the start of the regional group in 2008, but there was no one who could implement them. Owner video concepts Andreas Aust met recently on the operators of RS1.TV, which already successfully implement this concept in Remscheid and the Bergisches Land. Since Andreas Aust rotates an image video for the regional group at the time, he came with the proposal to implement this concept to the districts of Markischer Kreis on open doors. So MK was lifted without further ADO to the 15.06.11 regional TV from baptism. The first report was filmed as well in the short term. On the following Sunday MK reported optimum 2011 all TV regional with an interview with Rosalie Landsberg Vehlen of the Balve Reports will be to see the Internet on YouTube and in the future on your own website. Andreas Aust

Show Suitable

How far can this artificial “hype” go? There was not always risky stunts in the past? “Everyone already noticed, how highly the media coverage is back, this time in the case of betting that?” A day after the death jump”the media reports about it as about a terrorist attack, and at once comes from all sides, even from politics, criticism without end, whether the television not was going too far, as regards the quota drive. Only it’s really too far? Not again and again there are shows with dangerous stunts and has happened until now nothing? “But we take the current example, betting that.?.” more specifically under the magnifying glass and the so-called death leap, which ultimately is to blame by their own inability. The said action didn’t work in the sample and then called for worldwide prayers and special broadcasts. That’s not too far, should now reward the stupid behavior, where an accident is in sight? Is it still? For the show by Thomas Gottschalk is a good promotion it again, even macabre to express it, if you take a closer look at it. “Finally was betting that?” already forever not more buzz and the odds of the broadcast were also most descend. But lives the show not just that absurd and dull performance to be accomplished? It looked so very strange when someone springs through the area hops, it is only suitable for the show only if it performs somersaults.

The somewhat mindless, poor and accident man, actually only made what many circus performers are known. You want to accomplish always sensational, thrilling and amazing performance or actions, short time all the rage to be. Just how to set to that in an audience, which are often only as far as a duck by the ability to think, which is feeding bread crumbs? And I must say that the comparison but rather would be an insult to the animal world.It only two possibilities remain, either the stunt claimed Funny bone or but he puts a potential degree of danger on the day. However, the level has declined the enthusiasm, if you so look what you can use to inspire the audience today.Once you let go the tightrope between the towers back and forth, then came knife thrower or trainer of the predators that lived by this interest. And how is it today? “Today you can the audience enjoy the one among the Super talents” as candidate promotes and spreads the firecracker in the ass. But I am focusing once again on the injured Samuel Koch, because I of course wish on each case speedy recovery, even though it was his own fault.

But where I definitely not will join, is the played hype, what concerns the compassion. “” Whether in the media or just social “networks” is. Not make such actions in humans, which completely innocent, a such Kismet are delivered or were? Did the accident candidate free pieces on the stunt took part. The whole thing is just too fake and too hysterical, me regarding this now also show suitable for compassion. We’re not people who have been buffeted by the Kismet really innocent and we owe eherMitgefuhl?

Portal Sandra Dirks Facilities

Guido Neuland talking to trainer in unusual mission Eichenzell in the new dialog Portal Sandra Dirks, in December 2010. Recently, a video on youtube attracted the attention of new land, the seminar facilities and training to experts: A wife raves here extremely entertaining way by their newly arrived bikatools but nobody had animated it in new country to this successful action. So, who is this lively person who can halt hardly their enthusiasm for new products? A good reason for Guido Neuland, marketing and Vetriebsleiter to ask the trainer himself and to do an interview with her. According to Oracle, who has experience with these questions. Hereby, he continues the series of interviews, he has already performed with many interesting people from the scene, and where he learns more than you can find on some website. And through the many features of the new country dialog Portal background information, tips and tricks, products for seminar facilities and hotel facilities, trainer database, and much more is just a click away. Sandra Dirks, Built in 1971, began her career after graduating in the perfume Department of Karstadt and worked up quickly to the head of Department. Among others while studying the human resources development in the operation”she quickly realized that was her true talent in the motivation of its employees and this with much humor.

This talent used them five years ago, to make themselves apprenti independently with their company. Offers various courses also train-the-trainer “seminars and is also active as a comedy trainer.” therefore admits it in the interview also that she is just mad sexy humorous people motivated and, to overcome the threshold to humor in seminars. As communicative person, maintains not only a regular blog, but is to be found in the famous social networks, and can it not be, regularly to tweet. This means they now also, uses to write their anger over some Fellows of the soul imitation strongly recommended! In addition explains shoes what and have to do handbags with method books, than to take a year off competition why Detlef D. Soost and its pop stars through them soon get and why she are better training.

Successful Crisis Communication

The Berlin-based agency famefact offers comprehensive care. That crisis communication may not start when the crisis has spread in the meantime. As 85% of the companies surveyed indicated in a survey, to have drawn up a contingency plan for such cases. In contrast, only 21% have prepared for crises in the social Web. In doing so, just social media offer the ideal”address for criticism: A negative wall comment on Facebook is quickly made. This is the opinion of the masses, it may cause a flood of supporters, which provide air their frustration.

The example of so-called Shitstorms”can achieve this ultimately also the conventional media. Here the right strategy to find, is often a tightrope”and can only succeed if one is familiar with the special processes in the social Web. The social media strategy consulting company famefact offers comprehensive care his customers to do so in advance. Three basic rules which apply to: Social media means public communication! To delete unwanted comments or to answer the critics with-Mailadressen, seems to be a good idea only at first glance. People visit the sites of companies because they want direct contact. Any criticism in the bud is stifled or kept away from the side, the question whether is serious about the direct communication the company with its customers arises. A corporate presence in social networks is just no pure homepage, which offers only colorful pictures, but much more also a platform for the Exchange. The question is not whether but how is dealt with criticism so.

Keep quick response, but rest! Especially for unforeseen incidents, a comprehensive response is hardly possible after a few hours. However, it is important that the user feels taken seriously, even if the user is something have to be patient until a detailed answering of the questions. Apart from insults or personal attacks, deletion of contributions is taboo. Content relevant contributions should as constructive contributions are gratefully received, instead of provoking an accusation of censorship. In addition it however, to remain calm and to decline any blind actionism. A reply is written in a few seconds, but should be also considered as a press release. Careless statements can certainly fueling and wreak even greater damage by transfer or archiving. But the most important point is: preparation is the be-all and end-all! Even if you can requested some time by the community, a meaningful strategy can not work in this period. She must be planned well in advance, otherwise valuable time elapses and possibly wrong decisions in the heat of battle. The social media agency famefact offers a comprehensive service, starting from the in-depth analysis of user and practices on the respective platforms to the creation of specific procedures for the crisis. So while not every crisis can be prevented, but once is the worst case occurred, it pays to have a comprehensive strategy in the drawer. The Berlin-based agency famefact accompanied their customers here with the necessary Know-How sure crisis 2.0.

Ettighoffer Strasse

Omar Khorshed, Chief Executive of Dusseldorf acoreus AG sees obstacles to the spread of mobile offers, especially on the sides of the mobile phone company. You tried too long establishing offers, pass to the customer needs. Therefore, he calls to open the networks to initiate a competition of ideas with new mobile offerings. In addition, enhanced local services should be offered. Customers would be most interested in location-based services. Due to the missing technical range, there are still no significant practical range for Location based services.

Lack of mobile phones equipped with GPS”, so the TK expert Kan in conversation with NeueNachricht. Southwest Airlines is the source for more interesting facts. For close-range Bluetooth could be established according to his predictions. It is the currently most important medium of interaction for mobile communication at the point of sale. About 50 percent of all devices in the market can participate in this form of wireless data transmission, and rising. The function is effectively used only by ten percent. It’s first and foremost the difficulties in handling. First the mobile users need to know how he turns on Bluetooth. Manages the activation, it consumes too much power.

“Another to connect to the device, an also rather complicated coupling procedure is ‘ required ‘, Kan complained about. In the next five to ten years be eliminated according to voice these teething days spokesman Bernhard Steimel and the mobile phone is becoming the most important personal information center. This speech will as Control instrument play out its strengths: so has IBM Haifa research laboratory presented the software pensieve (video below), the image captured with mobile devices, sound and text data intelligently. With the new technology, it should be possible to get his personal information overload in the grip and better names, people, conversations and other important dates to remember. The system uses associative memory techniques according to IBM, to establish connections between related information”, explains Sangeeta. Pensieve have skills to understand the context in which the information recorded, and in the analysis to include. This software could combine the data related to an event and act as personal assistant to memory”. So, photos of a person, their business card and recorded a voice memo with the mobile, can be linked thanks to the integrated GPS receiver with a location and provided with a time stamp. Most PC the information are using character and speech recognition then evaluated – and matched with the own address book and calendar. The software can link the data so together that they are available in different ways, according to time, place or person. So contacts can be associated, for example, a particular Conference”, writes the online service Golem.

With Mulichannel Management Customer Satisfaction Increase

Call and contact centers increasingly rely on IP based communication Berlin – communication via the Internet Protocol (IP) plays an increasingly important role in call and contact centers according to industry experts. The selection of the correct communication channel is relevant when it comes to the redistribution of the telephone volume in favor of other media. The so-called multichannel communications to allow customers the choice between as many communication channels and increase so that the availability and customer satisfaction in multichannel contact centers the agents of multifunctional jobs through different communication channels to communicate with the end customer. Management of contact options it depends on, to provide the most appropriate channel for different target groups. So the TK-Aastra offers a routing with the system Solidus eCare 6.0 for all types of media – voice, fax, email, SMS or chat.

The client can communicate with the company according to his wishes. The system supports up to 10,000 agents, regardless of the location, according to data from Aastra and can handle up to 400,000 calls per hour. Graphical report tools allow the managers in the call center, continuously and constantly to improve the performance in customer service. The version 6.0 provides the agents personal announcements, as well as new possibilities for distribution hold. More skills are the IP record for softphones, choose from SMS, a new interface for business applications such as SAP and new multimedia options for communicating with the customers. Call or contact center, particularly on the basis of IP technology, are prevail around the world. Customers justifiably expect therefore shorter wait times and better service. To achieve competitive advantages and to deliver these high quality standards, companies need powerful tools for better routing of calls for more efficient interaction with the customers and for sophisticated reporting. Solidus eCare 6.0 meets these requirements through the “Integration of all existing media and technologies and thus helps to higher productivity and improved service quality”, explains Andreas Lady, CEO of Aastra group in Germany.

Deutsche Telekom

4. relevant restrict: the action in social networks is characterised by a content very focused communications. One is confined to limited content and clear messages instead of spreading lengthy texts. As a result, the principle must apply content: class instead of mass, so restricting on the actually relevant content, and aligned as accurately on the information needs of constituents. Because who stuffs this communication channel with uninteresting information, loses the addressee directly again. 5. If possible, the entire customer knowledge include n: the individual on an addressee may be entered into, the better he can win.

But the corporate customer information usually in very different systems and databases contain. This entire customer knowledge specifically can flow in the content so that creates a message tailored to the individual interests and perceived by the addressee as high quality. This requires a seamless connection of ERP, CRM, and other business applications to make an integration of all relevant data across the system boundaries. 6 social-media oriented communication ideas: social networks provide the marketing and sales departments with new creative challenges. In this complex world, only one finds the desired attention, which provides effective points to look and tell a friend with his messages and his content? The ideas must however fit to this channel and therefore have a viral character. So enter many new companies and must be ready for a learning development, an alternative does not exist but.

About legodo ag legodo software developed for relevant customer communication for quick and simple creation of written correspondence. C4 legodo with their solution, it is now possible in the right context at the right time for relevant customer communication to insert all the processes and data from existing systems. Customers include companies such as Deutsche Telekom, Swisscom, RWE and Integralis. of think factory groupcom GmbH Wilfried Heinrich Pastorat Street 6, D-50354 Hurth phone: + 49 (0) 22 33 61 17-72 fax: + 49 (0) 22 33 61 17-71