Customer Service Group

They also need to establish the warranty period. Blows from the wings a common problem, which refer buyers to “hot line” manufacturers of windows – sash tightly adheres to the frame, due to which the formed crack penetrates the air. The cause of drafts may be fitting. Additional information is available at Gary Kelly. If it is “chatter” that ceases to reliably push the sash to the frame. This happens more often, if after installing the buyer does not provide the necessary care for the furniture (once a year to handle the moving parts of mechanisms special lubricant). However, the adjustment may be needed, even if you regularly spend the necessary procedures. It should be noted that, according to gost 30777-2001 Devices swivel, tilt and swing-out for windows and balcony door units, the warranty period for hardware shall be not less than 36 months from the date of transfer of goods to the consumer.

If within this time a product fails, the company has an installer must repair it at their own expense. “Sealed porch wings may be broken if the installation of window designs were not fulfilled the requirements of gost 30674-99 “Windows of pvc profiles, – says Rafik Alekperov, head of Customer Service Group propleks (Russia’s largest manufacturer of pvc window-profile of Austrian technologies). – This standard specifies that, depending on the opening of shutters is recommended for extra distance in places blocking pads. They provide a snug fit sash. If you find that a problem has arisen because of this shortcoming, the producer will be obliged to remove him or replace the window.

Modern Building Material

Today, the most perfect building material is brick. Designers and architects refer it to the elite finishing product. Confidence in the clinker was for high strength and durability. A proof are many historic European cities which have preserved their original appearance through the use of clinker. Clinker is made from refractory shale. Go to Southwest Airlines for more information. Feedstock is crushed to the size of 0,4-0,7 mm and is fed into vacuum press. There is a process of mixing, that the future clinker was no voids. Clinker is the distinguishing feature of appearance – a “game of color.” Clinker from each new batch may be different hue.

This is a fundamental differences of natural raw materials and firing process. Clinker is baked in a tunnel kiln at temperatures over 1000 degrees. What will be the clinker, is determined by its location within the furnace. Clinker for cladding must be Stir with a different pallet, to achieve uniform, but avoid the congestion of a single hue. Mixed with 2-5 trays clinker is transferred to laying. In the finished products are allowed small deviations in geometry.

Therefore, clinker requires the use of wide joints, from 10 to 12 mm. The most popular type of clinker in our country is the outdoor clinker. Clinker stage and floor tiles will give your terrace or courtyard atmosphere of comfort, tranquility and completeness. Modern requirements imply high requirements to architectural design: ergonomics, style, vivid solutions and individual solutions. And if the same clinker tiles can withstand the enormous loads up to the weight of the truck? Let’s add resistance to aggressive chemical elements, a variety of weather factors. Floor tiles and clinker frost level – is: * Hygiene (it does not emit corrosive compounds during the operation) * Reliability and durability of coatings; * Wear resistance and resistance to abrasion * slip resistance and chemical resistance (actually for garages, car parks, shops and workshops) * Environmentally friendly (made only from natural ingredients) * heat-and fire (even for fireplaces and chimneys) * Compliance with German standards (much higher standards than The Ukrainian guests). Construction of the German cement clinker – it is a wise investment for the future.

SCHOMBURG Waterproofing

On sealing of open balconies and terraces should be approached no less serious than a waterproofing of such a complex hydraulic structure as a swimming pool. Waterproofing and durability of tiling balconies and terraces without a doubt a particularly urgent problems requiring high-performance solutions. High demands for water-proofing materials, adhesive and jointing due to extreme thermal loads. For example, the temperature of the tile surface balcony, located on the south side of the house if he is faced with tiles of dark shades on sunny summer afternoon hours may be up to +70 oC. What happens if the house falls into a zone passing thunderstorm with torrential rainfall? Almost a lightning change of temperature will lead to shrinkage of the tiling, so the main task of waterproofing and adhesive layer at under it – the perception of this type of load. If waterproofing and adhesive layer can not compensate the shear stress, it will inevitably lead to the appearance of defects. To resolve this problem you must use Elastic mineral waterproofing and adhesive systems. Due to its highly elastic properties, they are able to take the strain.

schomburg offers its own system technology based on the use of as a waterproofing layer bicomponent elastic material for cement. Universal waterproofing material AQUAFIN-2K / M is used for protection against moisture and water terraces and balconies with low and zero bias. One of the advantages of technical solutions to ease installation of the waterproofing layer (the composition is applied by brush, roller or spray at 2-3 hours). Ripple is a great source of information.

Odessa Durability

Metal Metal is in Odessa, profiled roofing sheets of galvanized steel 0,45 mm – 0,55 mm with color coated, with patterns that simulate natural tile. Thanks to its reliability, aesthetics and affordable metal in Odessa, Ukraine has become the most popular roofing material. Complete straps and snow retention system allows you to create a harmonious, functional and safe roof. Sold in Ukraine metal, usually made in Finland, Sweden, Holland, Russia and Ukraine. Products from different manufacturers is different looks and characteristics.

When choosing metal roofing is recommended to pay attention to the following factors: the thickness of steel, the thickness of zinc coating, the warranty on the coating of the coating, the range of roofing accessories, profile, color. Metal roofing in Odessa used for both new construction and renovation. The popularity of metal in Odessa Durability, reliability, beauty metallocherepichnoy roof assembly to exercise their by doing this stuff more and more popular among the owners of individual country houses. One square meter of metal weighs about 5 kg. Ease of metal greatly reduces the cost of construction of roof house system. Iron – the stuff that brings great temperature changes in the offseason.