Civil Code Contract

The nature of this treaty is very controversial. On the one hand, the law does not restrictions on the provisional sale and purchase of an object such as apartments to be built. However, on the other hand, the essential condition of the sale and purchase agreement (as well as pre-purchase agreement) is subject, in our case – an apartment. And since some very important properties of an apartment to determine from the preliminary purchase agreement can not be (due to the fact that the apartment had not yet built) – for example, the exact area, the exact room apartment – it turns out that the condition is not agreed on the subject of the basic contract, and pre-sale agreement is not concluded, even if it is signed by the parties. 3. Contract of sale flats.

Model similar to the previous page. Used by pik. One of the most risky for the developer models. In accordance with the Civil Code, a contract of sale apartments comes into force upon its state registration. And as the apartment at the time of signing such a treaty has not yet been constructed, then carry out state registration of such contract in the organs of the Fed is not possible. Hence, the sales contract is concluded, even if money paid by him, and the apartment – actually populated. 4. Contract assigning the rights to the individual. Seldom used, but is extremely dangerous from the standpoint of compliance with the law (only for those blocks of flats, building permits are received after April 1, 2005).

Consultation Organizations

In reality, every person who lives in today’s society, there are provisions where the support of experienced legal counsel is not just incidentally, a valuable life. With this there is no need to enter into some conflicting nature interaction with the current legislation because it is often believed that counsel is required only such citizens – elementary to adjust their own affairs adequately with the available State regulations. And yet look at them personally at times incompetent generally unrealistic. In addition, elements of the legislation, as none other standards are constantly changing. Yet support really an experienced lawyer can cost quite expensive, but people often do not know who he really must be addressed, and searches can also expend a lot of money. But in general, in order to find answers on legal issues, in general there is no need to go to expensive lawyers. Enough to resort to a specific website or phone to find free legal advice, what are today open to almost all without exception of large cities. With the attraction of this kind of consultation is a chance to get answers to most of the really interesting questions and is not to spend money. It should be noted that free legal Consultation on the phone lets get really professional support on the main difficulties which may encounter are normal people.

Of course, in complex situations where, for example, need representation rights in the higher administrative offices need to contact legal counsel directly, not only for telephony, and yet if you need just a consultation, self-related acquisition of information, the probability of purchase over the telephone connection and free for many of our compatriots is almost unique. But the Internet can help in situations where you need help lawyer directly. For this to specific portals often have online catalogs that list the legal organizations and services they produce. With the help of online directories is present opportunity to find an organization to resolve any problems, not only for private, but also for organizations. In addition, in the same way there is a chance to find partners and, in fact for any of us is no secret that nowadays the main mass of small legal organizations have a very narrow profile profession. And in order to preserve the customer base and at the same time to save up enough experience in solving problems from one area of law they form a partnership agreements with other firms, get another profession. Such decisions are profitable for both yuriskonsultskih organizations, as much for their clientele.

Interior Ministry

Good day. Last week our office with a search warrant raided the daec, suffered even innocent people After reading this article please comment and give suggestions and advice Ok Not bad, that mup active and monitoring the rule of law. So with the offenders and must: have violated the law, let him pay! But if there at the time of the massacre were innocent – albeit not take offense. They, too, "snip off" on a full In this article I propose to your the court a situation that actually happened last week. For objectivity, changed all the names of people and company names. June 18 was the usual Thursday at the office "Stepper" people work. Additional information at Bernard Golden supports this article. Does not harm anyone, do anything illegal, they just work.

Then the door opens on the threshold of a man appears. – Log off, please, all of the office, gather at the reception. He rushes to the twelve pairs of eyes. – You can ask who you are? – asks one of six office workers. – I'm from the police. Get out, I'll explain everything. Not frightened, but feeling healthy curiosity, all go to the reception. This room is connected with four offices, employees are also were asked to distract from the work, pending "event." – We are now submitted.

Assemble, all here to one in the room was left. Sit on chairs – commanded by three men in civilian clothes, with certificates from the Interior Ministry. Then uninvited guests began to tell what caused this visit.

In Moscow

But desperate situations do not happen in our case may simply makes sense to arrange the transfer of houses in the management of respectable companies do not automatically and great warranty provision (such as bank guarantees to depositors), it was then most likely number of people willing to get home in the management of (the money people) drastically reduced. But not an end in itself to get rid of some members of the housing market, but rather to combine them to achieve global goals in the housing. Participants in the housing market. Try to characterize the attitude to the reforms of each of the utilities and market participants on the possibility of their relationship. State, federal level. At the initiative of the leaders of the country's transformation began with a change in legislation. The task of the state – set the direction, but do not be a nanny and eternal wards. Therefore, in today's stage, the state should become the main lever for adjusting the predetermined direction.

The purpose of the state today – strictly and ask for a ban on raider behavior in the market, give the people a real opportunity to choose their way of managing buildings. State, regional level. In connection with the promotion of the federal government money for the overhaul of the regional authorities have become more willing to participate in establishing new orders and take care of the birth of the People's autonomy. In Moscow in 2007 were allocated to each house to create HOAs more than one hundred thousand.

On Protection

One of the essential conditions of the loan agreement, which must be clearly written out in the contract, and that the court should pay attention to is the payment of interest on money received on credit. Interest is paid by the borrower for the use of credit by its nature is the contractual payment for the use of funds, not the penalty, which is not the only way to ensure the fulfillment of obligations, as well as a form of civil liability. When no ban use of foreign currency as a means of payment, subject to the requirements of currency legislation, it can not be grounds for declaring it invalid, and to conclude such contract, the party finds the conditions under which he is, and hence on their own at the time of receipt of funds determine for themselves the rules of future behavior, which then have no reason to change at the request of either party.

In addition, section 3.8 of the Rules of granting Ukrainian banks of information about consumer credit conditions and the total cost of credit, approved by the Board of the National Bank Ukraine May 10, 2007 168, provides that in case of a loan in foreign currency, banks are required when signing a credit agreement to warn consumers that the currency risk in fulfilling obligations to this contract is the consumer. On Explaining the borrower information about possible currency risks before entering into the agreement referred to in Art. 11 of the Law of Ukraine “On Protection of Consumer Rights.